Tuesday, April 11, 2006

PJ Half Marathon 2006

Thanks to Yin Fook I manage to get this PJ Half Marathon link http://thestar.com.my/pjhalf/ Yday is der 4th time liao thestar oredi publish out their happening event. I still hope PACM 4 x 3km Relay can postpone to other date, so I can take part both event. I hope this 2 major event wont clash at der same date hor, so waste leh. FTAAA vs SAAA? Sigh.. why cant they co-operate hor?

Anyway I manage to find someone register PJ 1/2 for me n der gang, but der problem is. He cant collect der bib for me n der gang, so I hope anyone out there can help boh? Really appreciate it, ur helpfulness will always be remembered! :)

brought 2u by pm1


fhlim said...

I can help to collect the bib. Most probably on that week before the PJ Half Marathon, I may be on 1 week compulsory leave.

I'll confirm with you later.

Anonymous said...

Ronnie, can register for me ah........

thanks thanks


Anonymous said...

me to lolololo..

Anonymous said...

me too me too