Monday, April 17, 2006

Running Pictures for Rakan Cop

L-R: Joviet Sim, Tulangman, Draco Ng, Jack Toh & CM

Yeah I'm ready to fight until I lausai in my pant!

Richard Habeya Pm26 & Hau Wan Lin. Where is Richard??

Can u spot Chen Fong Fong Pm8 & Tan Peng Peng Pm16 boh?

Joviet Sim Boon Haw, believe it or not. He haven eat any shiet for 1 week, sorry I mean food. Juz a juice and plain water nia. Lost 2kg and power him to finish der race in 54'54 his best time in Dataran for this year. Well done Sim Kor Kor!

Joviet to PM1: ehh... Pm1, dont like dat lah, lost lost loh. Dont hv 2 be like dat wan, esok masih ada mah. Still plenty of race to come lah.

der best in Pg & KL, der pacemakers network gang! :p

photografer by pm22
brought 2u by pm1


Boon Haw said...

Wa pm1! The pictures cinya wan to berak face oso can capture.

Tey said...


aiyoo,lucky u no muntah..but u follow who's suggestion keep fit use the manual ah ? Can tahan kah ? U bui meh ? What is your target weight ah ?

All the best in future race !!

Tey said...


I angkat kaki sumpah..accident snap chen n BS foto..haha..cause just test pm1 NEW DC....just snap lah..haha !!

Boon Haw said...

haha...tey, actually hor, I did not plan to diet wan. I got infection in my mouth and it made me cannot eat even a single thing...very painful drink only lor...haha...can cut weight oso ma.. :p Don't worry, I achieve target weight eating food already.