Saturday, May 27, 2006

Hot.. Hot.. Hot.. Cinya Cinya Hot!!

What : Training @ Lake Garden Loops
When : Saturday, 27th May 2006
Distance : 11.5km (5 loops)
Time : 10.00am (Super Barbicue Hot)
Who : Tulangman, Ah Loong & Lai Fong Sang

Due to heavy rain like cat n dog on friday, so we bring forward our run to saturday morning loh. Well, only Ah Loong & Lai agree to join me for der suffering hot soup run. Reason start late is to train der heat weather, I know not many ppl are crazy like us. Well, as wat Mr Chan Chee Seng say b4. We shld train in all kind of weather condition, regardless of hot, humid, cold or rain. But not wit der thunder strom lah, dont gamble ur life wit that ya.

Super Hot & Super Hard to Run!
Currently der lake garden are under construction, so everywhere are so messy & smelly from der big big lorry ponya petrol & big truck exhaust lah. Yew.. my breathe almost get stuck. I think for a time being, better dont train there lah. Wait until der construction work fully finish, then only go back there again lah. But dont know when can finish lah? Ah Loong & Lai both of them run until pancit lah, due to der hot weather loh. Both walk to finish, not run to finish. See suffering boh?

der Result :
der Tulangman - 58min 12.09s (5 loops)
Ng Ping Loong - 1hr 13min 58.67s (5 loops)
Lai Fong Sang - 1hr 05min 38.88s (4 loops)

Tulangman Split time for der loops:
Lap 1 - 12' 22.80
Lap 2 - 11' 41.18 > 24' 03.98
Lap 3 - 11' 44.36 > 35' 48.34
Lap 4 - 11' 28.82 > 47' 17.16
Lap 5 - 10' 54.93 > 58' 12.09

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