Sunday, May 21, 2006

Jantzen Tey Eng Tiong der fastest man in KLCC!

Move away Jack Toh, here come der new fastest ever runner in klcc. He is non other den Jantzen Tey der super ultramarathon . Clocking super unbelivable timing of 4 min 53.33 sec for 1 Lap time, erasing der previous best of 4 min 59 sec which set by Jack Toh in last yrs PAR Run 2005. Not many runners can dip below 5 mins for 1 lap, even myself I hv try many already. Jantzen Tey really show us der truth spirit of pia! FYI, Jantzen oso run der NB15k race in der morning, where da heck he find so much energry? Really must salute to him lah!!

Will his 1 lap record be broken in PAR Run 2? Will See...

Jason Learn2eat oso PR !
- 06min 29.77 sec (1 lap)
- 20min 15.71 sec (3 Laps)

KLCC Book of Record refer @

Conrgats to both of them!!

Pm Ranking Poins for NB15k Run :
Pm26 = 30.0pts, Pm14 = 28.5pts, Pm01 = 27.0pts, Pm28 = 25.5pts,
Pm10 = 24.0pts, Pm17 = 22.5pts, Pm29 = 21.0pts, Pm16 = 19.5pts,
Pm32 = 18.0pts, Pm02 = 16.5pts, Pm03 = 15.0pts, Pm24 = 13.5pts,
Pm25 = 12.0pts, Pm06 = 10.5pts, Pm22 = 09.0pts, Pm05 = 07.5pts,
Pm20 = 06.0pts, Pm04 = 04.5pts, Pm12 = 03.0pts, Pm18 = 01.5pts.

Ryan or DK pls update Ranking pts ya!!

brought 2u by pm1

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