Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Jogathon Warisan 2006

Dear Ronnie,

I never see u at Jogathon Warisan 2006 last Sunday but I ask one of your friend and he say u went to family trip to Bangkok Thailand. How is your trip?

I finished no 8th time 35:10 and my friend Guna finished no 15th time 36:45. I was very disappointed with the organized because they only give us plastic medal.

Best Regards,
P.Naresh Kumar.
Design Executive
Research and Development (R&D)


Ahmed AldABN said...

An exec that speaks bad english!

Tey said...


He ask me lah...!!

I think they from Klang lah..very strong....!!

Leonaresh said...

Dear Ahmed Aldabn,
Don't Judge the book by it's cover.
U try to look your behind first than look others.

Best Regards,
Naresh Kumar (Klang Pacers)