Tuesday, May 09, 2006

KRI 10 Mile Road Race 2006


AS usual, KRI is organize very well the race, organizer remind all the runner by call & call & call by speaker, also they announce the count down start from 20 and that speaker is walking around all place 2 make sure every1 take note, specially for blur2 runner like me 2 aware. Food was gud, water station enough, end point gv u 1.5 liter water, drink until go toilet, got also place 2 c ppl fishing… a lot of marshal with bicycle & bike 2 keep safety of runner, crystal clear road mark etc etc.. only 1 thing sucks… that is ME!! Damn freaking disappointment run, I target cut 1min by last yr timing (70min), but end up in (71min) (luckily get #13)… L heart break thousand pieces… confirm.. my fitness is dropping & dropping due to OT & OT … soon will be my turn 2 fall… enuf of me, what I wan 2 say is, KRI event is really from RUNNER to RUNNER!!!


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