Wednesday, May 24, 2006

NB 15k Volunteer Run

NB15K Volunteer Run on 28th May 2006 Email from Uncle Sonny

This Sunday at 0700am all 15km Event Volunteers are invited to run the Event Route. On completion, volunteers will receive the same Event Finisher medals for FREE. We will try to put up a water station for the 2 loops at the small roundabout. Perhaps Ronnie and other PMs can help to man the water station yah! You all will only get free drinking water yah! Please inform other volunteers known to you!


Best Regards,

Uncle Sonny Ng

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Anonymous said...

Hai yaa ... miss again. Got something on this Sunday. I registered but ran in PD. Would love to have that medal.
PS: For a split moment i felt like i have been given a new life ...