Sunday, May 14, 2006

NB15k Trail Run

When : 12th May 2006
Who : Pm1, Ryan Teoh, Adam Loh, Justin Lee, Kenneth Teh, Kenny Tan, Ng Ping Loong, Hau Wan Lin & Lye (newcomer).
Fong Fei Kei : Dinesh :p

So surprise to see so many ppl join us for der 15k Trial Run. Very happy to see Justin, Kenny & Kenneth, its been long time they were missing in action. Hau Wan Lin from der OX Gang oso very give face, very der touching. And oso a newcomer Mr. Lye who never miss to visit der Pm1 blog for our upcoming activity, it was our 1st time meet Mr. Lye.

At der begining, we were all running together. However due to der big group, slowly der gap are getting wider & wider. As for me der middle man, it so hard to control situation. Some run fast & some run slow, very tought u know. Sure I will pancit wan, if I keep running like that. Bcoz I need to guide them der route too, so I stay in der front pack loh. Sorry to those who gone to wrong direction, thousand apologies.

15k Trial Run Timing :
1' 21.53 - Ronnie See
1' 2x.43 - PM Seventeen
1' 26.39 - Hau Wan Lin
1' 27.16 - Adam Loh

When : 14th May 2006
Who : Pm1 & Ryan Teoh

I was supposed to run on saturday, however I was too tired from friday run. So I decided to take a rest, n reserve energy for sunday. Ryan say he not happy wit friday timing, so we decided to do it again, yes der 15k route. Actually if u ask me which is tougher? Last yrs route or der new route? Well after 2 time of trying, I think this new route is easy but damn boring. Coz we need to run der same route again, this is why I say boring loh.

Sunday Timing:
1' 05.15 - Jack Toh Pm14
1' 15.02 - Ronnie See Pm1
1' 1x.30 - PM Seventeeen


PAR Run Update

There is some slite changes on der line up for Young & Dangerous Team, changes was made by Jack Toh der fastest runner in their team. Done! Approve by Pm1 & Pm4.

Runner # 1 - Joviet Sim, Pm25 (der kapitan & time keeper)
Runner # 2 - Kevin Chow, Pm32
Runner # 3 - Jack Toh, Pm14
Runner # 4 - Tan Boon Seng, Pm16

brought 2u by pm1

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