Monday, May 22, 2006

One of der Best event in Malaysia

When : 21st May 2006
What : NB 15k Run
Where : Padang Merbuk, Kuala Lumpur
Rating : 5 stars event!

NB15k vs PD Half Marathon
It is very difficult to make the desicion, coz both event I oso like wor. In d end hor, I choose der NB Run lor. I never miss this event since 2003, so this is my 4th attempt liao. Honestly I got no regret for taking part der NB Run, coz every yrs der run getting more n more challenging & truthly enjoyable!

Thing need to be improve
Everything was great, except there is not enuf toilet loh. I was cought in der long queue, really kenot stand it. My shiet almost wan to come out liao, I quickly rush myself to some secret place loh.. BRANG!! opps.. sorry about that sound. And one more thing upset about me is der distance marker, der only distance marker provide was 5k, 10k, 11k to 15km. Compare to previous yrs, distance marker was place every kilometer. Sorry about my complaint ya, I shld stop here. blah.. blah.. blah...
End of der page!

My Split Time:
05km : 21' 42.81
10km : 22' 50.14 > 0' 44' 32.95
11km : 03' 48.63 > 0' 48' 21.58
12km : 04' 12.88 > 0' 52' 34.46
13km : 04' 16.37 > 0' 56' 50.83
14km : 04' 25.63 > 1' 01' 16.46
15km : 04' 18.74 > 1' 05' 35.20

Wat a stylish finish, picture was taken by KC Leong der Penguin 1

Next Stop : PAR Run II @ KLCC, 3rd June 2006

brought 2u by pm1


Anonymous said...

One of the most expensive event in Malaysia too, perhaps in the world, as in per local currency index.

Mr Balan said...

You get what you pay for. You pay peanuts you get peanuts like all FTAAA events. I can also organize a RM3 entry fee for you. Everything bring your own, no drinks, no cert, no medical assistance, no police, top 3 medals only. Bring along a marker pen to write on your vest too as the rag of a bib also cost money. For water, you can drink from the fountain at the Dataran. If you want, you know where to contact me.

Best regards

Mr Balan