Wednesday, May 31, 2006

PAR Run Fever!

Initially der plan is Jamie vs Dk, Yong vs Ah Loong, Ronnie vs Aeow & Newton vs Himself, coz he came late. To make der run more interesting & adventurer, Jamie & Dk start der 1st batch, after 20sec, Yong & Ah Loong turn, another 20sec was Aeow, den another 20sec only my turn. TNS!! Mean I oredi lost 1mins, kenot chase der front pack liao. Just only focus on attack Aeow, JIALAT!!

To add my bonus, I volunteer myself to pace Newton. Coz he got no pacer, sure kenot turbo wan. Actually I was so tired oredi, but Newton really show me der spirit of pia. So die die lah!! haha!!

Neway, I'm very happy lah. Coz eveyone really having fun, this mean der Par Run is going to be very very FUN!! Really cant wait for this coming saturday!

Official Result wit full of sweat, pain & tear :
4' 55.32 - Ronnie See, Pm1
5' 08.14 - Aeow Cen Peng
5' 11.83 - Jamie Pang, Pm5
5' 11.84 - Dinesh Kumaren, Pm4
5' 20.60 - Newton Yap, Pm18
5' 54.84 - Ng Ping Loong, Pm24
6' 05.55 - Yong

Official Timekeeper : Y.A.B Tan Sri Rohaizad

brought 2u by Pm1

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Tey said...


Congrate u finally did sub5 liao...!!