Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Cinya Hua Hee, Sin Eh, Sin PR (New Shoe, New PR)

What : PR for 8 lapper!
When : 21st June 2006, Wednesday
Where : KLCC Park, Kuala Lumpur

der Moment of Truth
Everytime buy new shoe sure must PR wan, reason is to test how good is der shoe lor. From der moment I step on der klcc track wit my new Mizuno Wave Rider VIII, I feel like driving a mercedes benz lah. Feel so proud of myself and honour to hv one of der great shoe in my life.

Unbelievable Pace!
Take 1 round of warm up at 7'16s, and then quickly do some stretching. 5-4-3-2-1 poof like Yamaha-Suzuki. From der 1st lap to 5th lap I feel cinya easy, but if i keep on to dat pace like dat, sure kenot PR wan. So I decided to add petrol in der 6th lap, my timing must dip below 41'30 for der 7th lap, else I could not PR liao. Damn! 13s off der pace, so for der last lap. I turn on my "spirit of pia" n go all out until finish.

No regret bought der Wave Rider, here are my some comments about der shoe:
1) cinya stabilization & well balancing on my foot
2) der shoe is very light, lighter than NB901
3) easy to dry, bcoz is dry fit shoe
4) no blister at all, phew!
5) tyre very thick, thicker than my face
6) more to come, coz need to test whether this shoe is oso good for half marathon boh?

Here are my record split time for der 8 lapper:
6' 04.23
6' 02.20 > 12' 06.43
6' 01.11 > 18' 07.54
5' 56.87 > 24' 04.41
5' 56.50 > 30' 00.91
5' 53.30 > 35' 54.21
5' 49.12 > 41' 43.33
5' 20.69 > 47' 04.02 (old rec: 47:07 10th Nov 04)

Last but not least, Thanks to Newton for support me during my pr from lap 1 until I finish. Everytime I passby him, he said "Go! Go! Go! Cinya Appreciate & Touching! :)

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Tey said...

Wahhhhhhhhhh !!


U r the man..u r the captim of PM ...we proud of your pia kaukau lat spirit !!

Penguin 2 said...

Congratulations !!!

May I know what is the cost of the shoe ?


fook said...

wan lau eh, new PR, jealouse la, seduce me to buy new shoe! :P i saw wave raider 9 on mizuno webs site wo... :P

Anonymous said...

Tey, Khee Meng & Fook,

Kam Siah Men! My spirit of pia is always never give up wan :)

der shoe cost RM214.50 after 50%, cinya worth it lah. pls buy it asap while stock last.


Anonymous said...

Dear Ron,

Why u like 2 "pia" only @ KLCC, "no syok la", instead we challenge u 2 come 2 Lake Garden la..where real & hardcore runners like Justine & KNN everyday pia, & we'll be happy 2 teach you real lesson!

krunner said...

Captim pia!

Anonymous said...

stop running like akua..must pia kau-kau jia lat..

Carboman said...

don't worry, this shoe is excellent for 21K and full marathon!

Newton said...

congrats Ronnie!