Friday, June 23, 2006

der Best of 21KM PRs for der pacemakers!

Dear all der pacemakers!

Pls do update me ur latest half marathon timing if der below want is incorrect ya, kam siah.

FYI, Pia Kau-Kau Lat mean "Pushing to the limit" juz incase u dont know wat it mean lah hahaha!!

1h 20m 20s: Richard Habeya, Pm26 (PJ Half '06)

1h 28m 07s: Adam Loh PM29 (PJ Half '99)
1h 28m 18s: Dr Mohd Yaziz, Pm7 (PJ Half '98)
1h 28m 37s: Khoo Yit Kiat, Pm28 (Ipoh '05)
1h 29m 18s: Naresh Kumar, Pm36 (PJ Half '06)
1h 32m 39s: Jack Toh, Pm14 (PJ Half '06)
1h 32m 41s: Vincent Wong, Pm10 (Ipoh Half '04)
1h 33m 15s: Ronnie See, Pm1 (PJ Half '06)
1h 35m 04s: Justin Lee, Pm19 (KLIM '05)
1h 35m 33s: Thorsten Chen, Pm8 (Putrajaya Half '05)
1h 37m 09s: Hairul Azwar, Pm3 (KLIM '05)
1h 37m 42s: Shine Teh, Pm34 (Ipoh '05)
1h 37m 49s: Abdul Haris, Pm13 (Bendang Run '05)
1h 38m 28s: William Chan, Pm36 (KLIM '05)
1h 39m 19s: Kenny Tan, Pm27 (Putrajaya Half '05)
1h 40m 40s: Joviet Sim, Pm25 (PJ Half '04)
1h 43m 03s: John Tan, Pm30 (KLIM '06)
1h 43m 50s: Rohaizad, Pm33 (Seremban Half '03)
1h 44m 18s: Lee Weng Khong, Pm35 (Putrajaya Half '05)
1h 46m 00s: Thomas Ng, Pm6 (Ipoh '04)
1h 46m 37s: Ryan Teoh, Pm17 (Malacca Half '05)
1h 47m 44s: Jantzen Tey, Pm22 (Ipoh Half '05)
1h 49m 09s: Alden Yap, Pm15 (PJ Half '05)
1h 49m 15s: Eng Seok Juin, Pm11 (PJ Half '06)
1h 49m 21s: Dr Jamie, Pm5 (KL Games '96)
1h 49m 47s: Ng Ping Loong, Pm24 (PJ Half '06)
1h 52m 38s: Kelvin Ng, Pm2 (Ipoh '05)
1h 54m 15s: Tan Boon Seng, Pm16 (PJ Half '06)
1h 55m 03s: Kevin Chow, Pm32 (Ipoh Half '05)
1h 57m 16s: Kenneth Teh, Pm20 (PJ Half '05)
1h 59m 40s: Jason Lim, Pm23 (PJ Half '06)
2h 12m 36s: Dinesh Kumaren, Pm4 (PJ Half '06)
2h 19m 36s: Cheong Shih-Heng, Pm12 (Putrajaya '05)
2h 21m 53s: Newton Yap, Pm18 (KLIM '06)
2h 47m 31s: Ervinna Hon, Pm31 (KLIM '06)

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AdamLoh said...

Ron, wrong data about me, my PB for 21km should be 1.28.07 during PJ 1999 not as stated 1.40. Kindly amend.