Saturday, June 17, 2006

Mizuno - Wave Rider VIII, Finally is Mine!!

In my 11 yrs of running, I never buy any of Mizuno shoe b4. Bcoz when I heard of dat name, I oredi know I cant afford der price. Mizuno shoe mostly is for rich ppl.

Today I went to Bangsar Village shopping complex - world of sport, this is becoz Newton & Jamie said Mizuno shoe got 50% discount including Wave Rider VIII (RM214.50) & Precision 6 (RM264.50) after discount. Usually outside outlet u wont get this kind of price, I think sale not so good gua?

Without wasting time, I quicky try der Rider 8 & sumore my size US9.5 only left wit 1 pair nia. Fuyo, cinya syok & beautiful lah. How I wish I can try der shoe tomoro at PJ half, but new shoe too risky lah, better play safe heheh.. Will try it only on tuesday lah.. Geram nia!

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Boon Haw said...

Wa...'mercedes' at this price ar...really shiok la...