Sunday, June 18, 2006

My Best Ever Half Marathon (Muak! Muak!)...

What : 22nd PJ Half Marathon
When : 18th June 2006, Sunday
Where : Stadium Kelana Jaya, Selangor

Pia Kau-Kau Lat...
My long wait half marathon record is finally broken at PJ Half Marathon, previuos best was 1hr 34' 31s set at Ipoh Half Marathon 2005. I never dream of PR, my target today is to better my last yrs timing of 1hr 35' 40s same distance of 21km. Sumore I juz recover from sick & muscle around my kkc area got pain. TNS!

So starting I start very slow nia, whenever I increase up my pace, der pain come again. Mean I hv to be very caution lah, der only thing help is to be patient & wait for der pain to be gone. I was kena potong sayur kau-kau by all type of runners during der 1st half, I can only show my true colour after der U-turn point. My position was around 40 plus, waa.. kenot tahan liao. From there on, there is no turning back liao, turn on my turbo & start to potong sayur!

Cinya Suffering!
Wit 5km left to finish, I can see der sun is shining thru my eye. Mean cinya-cinya hot liao, really beh tahan man. Sumore der route is so damn straight & long, my mental oredi block liao. I juz want to quickly finish off der race, coz I feel want to collapse liao. I think der person to thanks is CB Leow (der klang greatest runner), he is my powergel. Every mins every sec, my gap is getting closer n closer to him and distance is getting nearer n nearer to finish line. Wit 800m to finish,
I on my final turbo n potong CB Leow until finish line. Thank You CB Leow!

Pm1 - PJ Half Marathon History:
1999 - 1' 33.02 (81st - 19.5km)
2000 - 1' 29.37 (42nd - 19.5km)
2001 - 0' 46'00 (68th - 10km) no medal
2002 - 0' 43'50 (27th - 10km)
2003 - 1' 38.29 (61st - 21km)
2004 - 0' 41' 53 (23rd - 10km)
2005 - 1' 35.40 (18th - 21km)
2006 - 1' 33.15 (26th - 21km)

Number of medals collection by today: 118th!

Next Stop : Ipoh Half Marathon, 2nd July 2006

der Result for Men Open 21km:
1' 16.34 - Fong @ Phong Tong Lim (3rd)
1' 20.19 - Tan Song Hua (5th)

1' 20.xx - Richard Habeya, Pm26 (6th)
1' 29.18 - Naresh Kumar (13th)
1' 32.39 - Jack Toh Wai Kuen, Pm14 (20th)
1' 32.51 - Barry Lee (24th)
1' 32.57 - Chong Chee Wah (25th)
1' 33.15 - Tulangman der Pm1 (26th) PR!
1' 33.44 - CB Leow (27th)
1' 36.30 - Gunaselan (36th)

1' 40.xx - Shine Teh, Pm34 (4xth)
1' 41.09 - Thorsten Chen, Pm8 (47th)

1' 43.24 - Siah Leong Hooi (50th)
1' 44.35 - Justin Lee, Pm19 (59th)
1' 46.08 - Lee Weng Khong, (70th)

1' 46.xx - Hau Wan Lin (81th)
1' 49.47 - Drago Ng, Pm24 (91th)

1' 51.49 - Ryan Teoh, Pm17 (102th)
1' 52.08 - Tan Chee Wee (105th)
1' 54.15 - Tan Bong Seng, Pm16 (116th)
1' 59.40 - Jason Lim, Pm23 (150th) PR!

2' 00.12 - Yong from KLCC (153th)
2' 00.45 - Dr Raymond Hee (159th)

2' 03.41 - Joviet Sim, Pm25 (185th)
2' 03.50 - KNN Teh, Pm20 (190th)
2' 05.11 - Jamie Pang, Pm5 (201th)
Cinya Am Kan!
2' 06.33 - Zulazlan (208th)
2' 12.36 - Dinesh Kumaran, Pm4 (250th)
2' 21.41 - Jantzen Tey, Pm22

Women Open 21km:
1' 49.15 - Eng Seok Jiun, Pm11 (6th)
1' 58.07 - Phyllis Kok (18th) PR
2' 27.xx - Blue Ameba

Men Veteran 21km:
1' 37.30 - Pua Kok Hua (13th)
1' 45.30 - Kenny Choo (29th)
1' 47.31 - Tan Khee Meng (37th)
1' 57.09 - Kelvin Ng, Pm2 (72th)
2' 20.xx - Newton Yap, Pm18

2' 34.09 - Cheong Shih Heng, Pm12

Men Open 10km:
42'40 - Vincent Wong ,pm10(9th)

Women Open 10km:
1'17.49 - Rachel Lee ,pm21

Men Open 5km:
20'46 - Adam Loh, Pm29 (17th)

PM Ranking Pts (including additional pts):
Pm26 = 40pts, Pm34 = 40pts, Pm14 = 38pts, Pm08 = 38pts,
Pm01 = 36pts, Pm19 = 36pts, Pm35 = 33pts, Pm11 = 31pts,
Pm24 = 29pts, Pm17 = 26pts, Pm16 = 24pts, Pm02 = 21pts,
Pm23 = 19pts, Pm25 = 16pts, Pm20 = 14pts, Pm05 = 12pts,
Pm04 = 10pts, Pm18 = 07pts, Pm22 = 05pts, Pm12 = 02pts,
Pm10 = 01pt, Pm21 = 01pt, Pm29 = 0.5pt.

brought 2u by pm1 & Pm22


krunner said...

Congratulations Ronnie on yr 21km PR. Did u run all out?

Anonymous said...

Great to hear u do PR, next is sub 1.30 - the way to go.....ccbue

Dave said...

Congratulations but also see my main blog which is accessible through the link to my Blogger Blog. I see that you are supportive of the efforts of the disabled to achive sporting challanges - then see my blog.

Anonymous said...

1:33 MUAK-MUAK???? BEH PAI SEH MEH?...tot u suppose to dip 1:30???...looks like u r going to stuck in half forever lah...tsk-tsk-tsk..


fook said...

congratulation, new pr and new shoe!

Anonymous said...

PM1 - someone is poking a finger at u. always run 1/2 marathon onli summore cannot dip below 1.30 with all your pia kau kau lat trng in klcc. watch out for the pacespoilers!!!

der pm1 said...

Rohaizad - Thanks a lot man, yes I go all out during der 2nd half. Pia until wan to pensan liao!

Yin Fook - Thank You, but I didnt wear der new shoe lah. Maybe Ipoh I wear lah, Ipoh is flat easy to turbo.

Ccube - No way I can do sub 1'30, I dont dare to dream big. 1'33 for me is very happy liao. Ban Ban Lai :)

Anonymous said...

Aiyo please laa...If pia pia pia pia can ensure to dip below certain timing then like that everyone pia pia pia so break world record laaar sure world record kena shattered dunno how many upmteenth times liao laar...

but this Pm1 also laar 11 years running still like that, that 11years old Barry also beat him laar...
lololol don't get angry hooor Ronnie.

AdamLoh said...

Good time no doubt and the best thing is you beaten CB Leow and closing the gap with Wah Chai and Ah Toh but sorry being beaten by a 14 year boy Barry, so need to pia again. The motto of Pacemakers is Pia Kau Kau Lat.

blueameba said...

tulangman congrat congrat!!!

eh.. it is my PR also, first half marathon mah :P

(yiaks... what a lousy PR... beh pai seh!!!)

Anonymous said...

aiyoo..itu rating points ikut suka kepala pusing you saja ka?