Thursday, July 27, 2006

Hardcore Training for Penang Bridge Run

Tuesday, 25th July 2006 (12 Lapper)

Running solo, lucky mental strong. Manage to complete 12 laps.

der Split Time:
6'48, 6'42', 6'40, 6'26, 6'26, 6'25, 6'23, 6'20, 6'13, 6'13, 6'12, 5'54 = 1h 16m 46s

Total Distance = 15.6km

Wednesday, 26th July 2006 (10th Lapper)

This time got Lai Fong Sang & Hau Wan Lin for pacing after my 2nd lap. Wan Lin drop off after he complete lap 5, Lai still breathe on. I still remember der last time, Lai can only follow me 4 laps nia. After that, improve to 6 laps. Yday he almost make history, too bad he kenot make it to der final lap in negative split. Anyway, very proud of him la. He really hv der strong spirit !!

Lai last lap timing = 6'54

der Split Time:
7'21, 7'07', 7'06, 6'55, 6'51, 6'46, 6'42, 6'35, 6'30, 6'07 = 1h 08m 03s

Total Distance = 13.0km

Thursday, 27th July 2006 (8th Lapper)

Today juz wan to complete 8 laps, then can close shop liao. Woohoo!!

brought 2u by pm1


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

tis is SH*T ghost, and is there in Penang to collect PM1 sh*t if he lausai again!!!!