Monday, July 03, 2006

Ipoh Trip Report by Ah Beng

1 July 2006, Saturday
2:30pm -
TNS Ah Beng PM17 should have reached Kepong but was 15 mins late. Was caught up in traffic nearby TUDM. Ah Beng PM17 could hear Kapitan PM1 and all @#$%%^. Ah Beng PM17 said sorry..
2:45pm -Fetched Kapitan PM1, PM21 and PM25 that just bought their 3D Toto tickets
2:50pm - Fetched PM11
3:00pm - Ah Beng PM17 schumacher-ed all the way to Ipoh
5:30pm - Reached Watermelon Hotel
5:45pm - Met another Ah Beng PM24 that just arrived with big bags and small bags from Sawadeekap, I mean Thailand. =)
6:30pm - Lunch at Ong Kee Bean Sprout Chicken Rice Shop
8:00pm - Tauke Chen suddenly appeared from nowhere, treating us Tau Huey Break as Chen-many won the quarter final match against A-Ron-tina. Tenkiu Tauke Chen!! Hope Chen-many will smoothly sail into the final and belanja us again. Haha!!
8:30pm - PM11, PM29 and others went jalan-jalan at Ipoh Parade
9:00pm - Tou Hau PM21, PM25, PM34 and Ah Beng PM17 Chor Dai Dee
11:00pm - Watermelon Hotel no astro, so no live WC match. Lights off

2 July 2006, Sunday
6:15am - Departed to Dataran Ipoh
7:00am - Race started
9:30am - Back to hotel
10:30am - Breakfast at dunno-what-name coffee shop
11:00am - Another Tauke treated Tau Huey Break again. This time is Tauke Neo SJ as she won $$$. Next time run fast-fast and treat us again. Haha!!
11:45am - Ah Beng PM17 alonso-ed back to KL
2:00pm - Reached KL

brought 2u by Ah Beng PM17


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