Sunday, July 09, 2006

Morning at klcc, Noon at klcc & Evening oso at klcc

Ayo cinya tired lah, to keep my story short hor, here is der sumarry lah:

What : 1.3km x 12 lapper
When : 9th July 2006
Where : KLCC Park, Kuala Lumpur

05.30am - wake up, watch WC repeat Ger 3 vs Por 1
06.00am - off to fetch ccb Draco, cilaka he FFK on me
06.25am - reach bkt aman, am kan! no parking.. tiu!
06.40am - round n round, still no parking, so head to klcc park
06.50am - reach klcc, pangsai & warm up
07.10am - start my long run
09.15am - finish n head to bkt aman for shower
10.00am - breakfast at jln alor wit bini, bee hoon & lee chin
11.00am - at klcc again
11.50am - watch movie wit rachel, korea ghost movie, cinya scary!
01.50pm - end show, hv a quick lunch at food court
02.25pm - hv another movie "superman return" together wit ccp adam, justin n ryan
05.00pm - end show, chit chat chit chat etc...
05.45pm - time to say goodbye
07.00pm - dinner
09.00pm - write report
10.00pm - pengsan to bed!

Here is my split time for 12 lapper:
(01.3km) 7'39
(02.6km) 7'24 > 0h 15m 04s
(03.9km) 7'08 > 0h 22m 31s
(05.2km) 6'47 > 0h 29m 00s
(06.5km) 6'46 > 0h 35m 45s
(07.8km) 6'41 > 0h 42m 28s
(09.1km) 6'37 > 0h 49m 05s
(10.4km) 6'34 > 0h 55m 40s
(11.7km) 6'26 > 1h 02m 06s
(13.0km) 6'23 > 1h 08m 30s
(14.3km) 6'21 > 1h 14m 51s
(15.6km) 6'01 > 1h 20m 53s

brought 2u by pm1


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