Friday, July 21, 2006

Road Closure again for Golden Triangle

39th ASEAN Ministerial Meeting, Kuala Lumpur, 22nd - 28th July 2006

In conjunction with the coming ASEAN Meeting, the following roads will be closed and some traffic diversions will be implemented:

1. Intersection of Bukit Bintang with Jln Imbi(LTAT), Jln Raja Chulan and> Jln Sultan Ismail.
2. Intersection of Raja Chulan with Jln Sultan Ismail & Jln P.Ramlee.
3. Intersection of Jln Kia Peng with Jln Raja Chulan.
4. Intersections of Jln Puncak, Jln Perak & Lrg P. Ramlee with Jln P.> Ramlee.
5. Intersection of Sultan Ismail with Jln Ampang & Jln Raja Abdullah.
6. Intersection of Jln Ampang & Jln Tun Razak.
7. Intersection of Jln P.Ramlee & Lrg Perak.
8. Intersection of Jln Stonor & Exxon Mobil.
9. Intersection of Medan Kuda & Jln Binjai.
10. Traffic light Intersection of KLCC & Jln Pinang.
11. From Jln Perak to Jln Pinang (UOA).
12. From Changkat Kia Peng & Jln Stonor towards Jln Kia Peng
13. From Persiaran Stonor towards Jln Stonor
14. KLCC exit onto Jln Ampang

Traffic along the following roads will be diverted:
1. From Jln Tun Razak to Bukit Bintang - diverted to Jln Imbi
2. From Jln Raja Chulan - diverted to Bukit Bintang & Jln Tun Razak
3. From Jln Perak - diverted to Jln Puncak & Jln P.Ramlee.
4. From Jln P.Ramlee (bus lane) - diverted to Jln Sultan Ismail.
5. From KL Tower to P.Ramlee & Sultan Ismail - diverted to Jln Raja Chulan.
6. Intersection Lrg Kuda & Jln Stonor - diverted to KLCC parking lot and Jln Medan Kuda.
7. From Lrg Binjai to Jln Binjai - diverted to Jln Medan Kuda & Jln Tun Razak
8. From the Elevated Highway exit onto Jln Ampang - diverted to Wisma Denmark exit.

DATE: 19th & 20th July, Wednesday & Thursday.
TIME: 7.45am till 9am & 7.45pm till 9pm

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