Wednesday, August 23, 2006

der_pacemakers # 39

Name : Gunaselan Rajagopal
Gender : Male
Age : 30
Status : Married
Job : Legal Insurance Consultant
Location : Klang
Interest Sports : Running, Soccer
Interest Music : Sentimetal
Movies : All king of movies

Ok, my man, just tell about myself, i being running since age 10 but that time young age so only 100m and relay team 4*100 but im strong runner in school manage to rep school in year 1989 for district.In year 1990 went was in primary school i was start runnng long distant in event cross country ( 5k- 7k ) and start love to sport until now. Some of my acivement in school time was always win from 1990 until 1994 in cross crounty, my biggest acivement is in track event was rep state S'gor in stepchase in both ( 2000m )1993 and ( 3000m )1994, as in 1993 i went futher until MSSM in 2000m s/c, where i finish 4rd. So, since 1990 im running road race until 2001, where i got married in that year than pencen for 4years ( because baru kahwin and baru start kerja sendiri ) only to start back in year 2005 until now.

I being working in bank in year 1999 with MBF and that year i finish inter finance race in 3rd place and 2000 i won the race in 1st place, My strong running year was in 1997 until 2001.i just inform u some of my personal best b4 the year 2001 oth in track and road event, as for your view, pls do coment to me,thank you.

400m: 56m at training, 1993
800m: 2m:8s at klang district race,1994
1500m: 4m37s at training, 1994
2000m: 6m53s at inter state MSSM, 1993
3000m: 9m53 at Inter district MSSS'gor, 1994
5.5 k : 18m:47s at training, 1997
10k : 36m07s at klang, 1997
21k : 1h16m at Seremban half in year 1999 (place 9)

My everage time in 10k event is 37m to 40m, and for my half 21k is 1h18 to 1h 22, this is all b4 year 2001. Hope to find my pace in coming year as i back in action in year 2005 until now.

My Medal collection until year 1990 to 2006 (current) : 130 pcs (without the tropy)

Left: Naresh Kumar Pm37, Right: Gunaselan Pm39


Rachel PM21 said...

Hi Guna, Welcome to pacemaker group of runners and friends. I think you need sometime to know everyone here. :-)

Anonymous said...

First must know Draco first, he is the famous star!


pacemaker17 said...

welcome aboard guna!!!!

True runner said...

welcome to the gang, Guna.

AdamLoh said...

Hi, Guna welcome to the group but where is Naresh punya cerita??

Anonymous said...

Guna (& Naresh), "vagen"

(P/s: that you're done with studies & earning lots of monies..please start to pay your PTPTN liao!)

"vagen" = welcome in Tamil, liao!

pak lala said...

Welcome in tamil is "Vanakam".
Vanakam Guna.