Saturday, September 30, 2006

Cinya Cooling Morning Run

Wauleheh! Is been long time liao I neber wake up so early for morning long run wan. Der earlier I run oso is 7.45am like that wan, but not for today lor. By 6am I was oredi there, this is bcoz I need to pass der Alibaba drink for DK to keep that why I hv to come loh.

So happy to see many sayur's too, such as DK, Tey, Jason learn2eat, Ccube, Lawrence Leong & got two ladies oso lah, but forgot their name liao.. sorry ya! They all went ahead liao, I started after 3 mins. Der weather was excellent from start until I finish cinya cooling, so cinya cinya song wan & sumore hor doesnt feel any tired wan.

I'm a bit jeles lah, most of them got ppl to pace wan. For me hv to run solo nia, but anyway got sayur to potong then ok lah. At least got motivation for me enjoy mah haha!

After finish run hor, quickly pia for shower. Then hv a quick chit chat wit der gang n then poof for breakfast at jln alor for chee yoke fun. After that drive to melaka liao, lucky no jam. Cinay tired day for me, manage to take a 2 hours nap inside der car. Later wan to eat chicken ball rice again, bcoz cinya ho chiak!

der Split Time:
10km : 50' 20.40 - from bukit aman to sri hartamas
10km : 45' 31.25 - from sri hartamas back to bkt aman
20km : 1' 35.51 - Total Timing n distance

Accodding to Jason learn2eat, if u wan to run ngam ngam 21km hor, u must take 2 more loops at der petronas station lah. But cinya jialat wan, so I prefer not to take lor.. hehehe!!

brought 2u by Pm1 @ Melaka Cafe!


Tey said...


Wah lau fast lah too..hv to rush to work...this morning is perfect LSD for me too..relax pace with DK...!!

Enjoy u trip at Melaka,so good ,got pm21 drive u there...!!

3088 Silver said...

aiseh pm1, that day i was in bukit aman looking for you, mana lu i am no longer in japan liao lo....