Thursday, September 14, 2006

der_pacemaker # 40

Name : Lee Yin Fook
Date Of Birth : 26th Oct 1979
Hometown : Miri
When Start Running : March 2006
Job : Technical Support
Nick Name : Ah Fook
Blog : Miri Runner

I been reading Pacemaker since year 2005, like the report Ronnie and other pacemakers members wrote, so funny and encouraging. I never serious in running until I join my first run in March 2006 the KLIM 7km fun run. That time I manage to walk and run only, stomach cramp, headache, what ever pain also came. But the feeling of rush with all the runners really fun. At that time I saw the flag off of 21km run, I was thinking ‘wow 21km seem like impossible for me’ but I saw many 21km runners all very excited, I was thinking why all so passionate to run 21km? does not it hard to run?

June 2006, Me and m brother meet up with Ronnie aka PM1 in KLCC park for the first run with him, that time there is a 3 laps battle going on between DK and Lai. Ronnie ask us to join them for the battle, we just follow behind DK, damn DK and Lai run really fast, after 1st lap I already surrendered. At that time I run 3 laps also tired, not enough stamina. End of the month join my first 10km run in the PJ half. Manage to finish the run in 1 hours 10 minutes, really suffer in the run.

July 2006, this is the month which I ran 3 half marathon really tired but happy. Ipoh I register for 10km run but then con by Wan Lin to ran 21km, it was my first half marathon, after 15km really suffer leg like jelly coz longest training was 11km. reach finishing line at 2 hours 19 minutes. 2nd half marathon was the Seremban Half marathon, that was totally suffer where I finish over 2 hours 30 minutes with no LSD run. Then come Penang bridge 22.3km, after 13km already hit the wall, walk and run, only enjoy the first half.

August 2006, increase my training, run KLCC park 8 loops. Join MPAJ 10km run and the timing was 1hours 2mins, improve over the PJ 10km run, so happy can run none stop for the 10km. Then in the PAS Merdeka run, I really run with all my effort and get 16th place, very happy. The following weeks I consistently do 3 LSD from 11km increase to 16km.

September 2006, Run Putrajaya half marathon with my best timing 2 hours 5mins, it was enjoyable run. Thanks to all the LSD training I had done. Thanks to all the Pacemakers families that give me advise and run with me, especially Ronnie, help me a lot in register and collecting bibs for me. Through running I also meet a lot new friends.

Miri Runner.


AdamLoh said...

Alonso, nice reading your biodata and congratulation on your improvement soon you wil be the man to watch.

Rachel PM21 said...

Brother pm40,
Welcome for your late joining. :-)

Carboman said...

welcome to the PM family! long and far may you run!

Dinesh said...

Welcome Fook, I agree with Adam that you will be the man to watch! By the way, do you know I was once PM40 ;) so you know now how important it is that you perform in all races... hahaha!

pacemaker17 said...

welcome aboard alonso..breakfast on you this sunday..kekeke..

Tey said...


Welcome to PM family,slow and steady...sure u can do sub2 asap and sub 5 in full !

Anonymous said...

Fook, welcome to the PM family. Wish you do sub 2 in your next 21km. :-)

From SJ

fook said...

to all Pacemakers families,
thanks for ur encouragement,
i am glad to join Pacemaker,
wish u all the best in trainning and racing...

runner maniac said...

shit u, f u, damme u ,
anyway, bla bla bla etc etc etc welcome to love boat