Tuesday, September 05, 2006

One of der most TNS Race in der World

What TNS: Larian Amal Merdeka DBKL
When TNS: 2nd September 2006
Where TNS: Taman Tasik Titiwangsa, K. Lumpur
Distance TNS : 2.8km x 3 = 8.4km

TNS Number 1
Foreign are not allow to take part this event, due to TNS protest from those kiasu runners. Who dare to protest? Why they protest? Who are this ppl to do that? So pity to those black africa runners, they oredi pin their bib number, last min decision from der organizer. They hv to strip off their bib number, honestly I so kesian to them. Stupid organizer!

TNS Number 2
der starting cinya der fak-up, we hv to wait at least more then 1 hour only get started. They flagoff der children catogory first, after der children complete der 2.8km loop. Then secondary school flagoff, secondary hv to complete 2 loops 5.6km. Finally only der adult category turn to flagoff, der sun oredi coming out liao, ninia-boh oredi time 8.20am. BBQ Run ahh!

TNS Number 3
There is no ribbon or check point during our 3 loops of running, some juz run 2 loops, some juz run 1 loop, some juz squeeze in der finishing line like nobody business. Officialy I was place #15th, after receiving der finishing card I was place rank 18th. How the hell this runners potong me? Make complain, Judge A ask me look for Judge B. Judge B ask me look for Judge C, finally Judge C ask me look back for Judge A... WTF!!!

TNS Number 4
For top 10th finishes award cash & medals, for 11th - 20th only medals. My gooness mama, need to wait until 11am like that only can get our medal, so damn wasting time. Sumore it only a cipalak plastic medals, I mean for all der top 20th placing. Charge ppl so expensive without t-shirt, thefore give plastic medals. Those finish above 20th placing, habuk pon tadak.

TNS Number 5
After get der medal liao, those who got cash award wan. Need to wait another 45mins, coz der organizer haven calculate der money yet. If not bcoz Rachel get top ten, I wouldnt wan to wait wan. Another wasting time, cinya GERAM!!

Naik Podium: Nothing special wan, juz give face give face lah.

der Cert & der ugly Medal

This is wat I got, pia like folk n spoon... der ugly medal.

TNS 2u by Pm1

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nezz said...

ronsee, i agree 110% wit u.. they protest foreign runners bcoz they're afraid of challenges & they can't accept their own weaknesses.. that's why msian runners can only win in d country but lost when race out of d country.. ronsee boleh!!! :)