Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Race Report For Awana Genting Trailblazer 2006

3rd September 2006

Pre Race : 2/9/2006
We started the journey at approximately 3:15pm from Jinjang, I, pm38 together with pm1 the captain, pm21 the first lady of pacemakers aka Queen of Gamble, and brother 17, Ryan Teoh Mei Mei. I, the driver sumachered all the way to Awana Genting (wanna to break Alonso record). Arrived at 3:45pm, bibs and goodie bags has already been collected by captain's friend. (Sorry don't know her name, but thanks for the help). At 7pm, we went for Jamboree Dinner, it was really sucked, lousy & tasteless food, bitter soup, don't even have a proper table to serve the dinner. Furthermore we had unlimited complimentary refilled soup from the sky due to raining. To my surprise, there is no shelter from the rain although it has started to drizzle prior to the dinner. Hey, we paid RM45 per person for this lousy dinner. I would rather spend this money for wonderful seafood at Gohtong Jaya, perhaps it won't cost so much.

After the dinner, we chit chat each other pertaining to previous running experience. At 11:30pm, all of us went to bed. Unfortunately, I can't get into sleep because of the cilaka music very loud from outside, (Either from Pub or Bar) they shut up only at 1:30am. After that, cannot sleep liao, roll roll left and roll roll right until the next day morning. I think Ryan also the same. He also roll roll here and roll roll there and even slept on the chair for a while. Since I can't sleep, my mind thinking about tomorrow race. Wow, cinya kan cheong man! Partner with the president some more! I knew it is going to be the toughest and most suffering race. Just imagined, got to run 14km in the jungle trail up and down. Moreover I have not been running for 10 days due to raining and little accident recently.

Race Day : 3/9/2006
Woke up at 6:50am (should say stopped rolling, because never sleep), brushed teeth and pangsai, then jogged slowly to the starting point, did some stretching and warmed up. At 8am, there was a briefing and finally flagged off at 8:30am sharp. Captain advised me not to run too fast at the beginning, therefore I followed his word although some runners pia with full force like mad cow. The first 2km was easy run on tarmac, afterward took us to the long house before we went into jungle trail. Initially, I felt powerful and strong enough because we ran all the way down for quite some distance and I manage to potong quite a lot of vege. It was a moist, muddy and leafy jungle trail. At certain sections, there were human traffic jams due to fallen trees, muddied path and other natural obstacles. After a while, we came out in the open site with the fresh & cool mountain air and scenic view. Then pass through few small streams with the muddy water and slippery rocks. I told myself die lor this time, now enjoy downhill and flat trail so comfortably, afterwards sure damn suffering and jialat whereby we have to climb uphill stretching for few kilometers. (The organizer already informed us during the briefing)

Finally the nightmare come, we got back into the jungle trail again and required to climb muddy, slippery and much more tougher steep slope continuously for at least 1,000ft height. I slowed down significantly and felt tired, the upward slope continuously without any flat path to relax or rest. Became more and more tired, mentally weak and those kiasu runners behind keep pushing my buttock, asked me to give way. Some of them shouted "don't stop, keep moving, excuse me, give way please" and so on. They irritated because I blocked their way. Cilaka, while I already tired like hell, breathing hoo haa hoo haa like cat and dog, some more wanted to pressure me, tns! If they wanted to overtake me, why can't they try to squeeze from the side. I also squeezed from left or right to potong sayur at the beginning stage when I was strong, I never ask people to give way either. KNN! The never-ending uphill climb caused me exhausted, body low battery liao. I have to stop several times and pace slowly to regain energy. Every time I stop, people at the back sayur me one by one, I lost my confidence thoroughly and mentally weak.

Suddenly, I heard my partner pm1 calling me at the top of the hill, he said "come on Lai, we are out of the jungle already, very close to the finishing point, keep on moving, don't stop, only few more steps to climb". My goodness that few steps really suffering and hardcore! Look so near, yet so far. To move a step forward needed plenty of energy. With the encouragement from Ronnie, I managed to come out of the jungle trail. After drinking water, Ronnie keep on motivate me, again he said "come on Lai, you can do that, don't give up, keep on running, we were almost there!" He also told me there were a lot of runners chasing kau kau lat from behind which made me and the front runners even more kan cheong and pressure. Everyone felt the pressure at the most crucial moment, thus all pia with the remaining weak energy like no tomorrow. Kiasu mah! Suddenly I could hear loud music and people cheering already. But to my surprise, instead of going straight back to football field, the place where we started this morning, we were detoured to another long and winding muddy path about 100ft height, fuuuuyooooo! that time gua almost want to pengggggssssssan liao, I thought already reaching the finishing point. Gua cinya cinya tired beh tahan liao! Luckily captain there to motivate me and pushed me kau kau lat until the end. With my true spirit of super pia, I increased pace, and managed to potong few more vege from my category and enlarged the gap from back runners.

After reaching the peak, followed by downhill slope which was my favourite. Then I saw a signboard showing finishing line. Wah! cinya happy and excited, because the suffer will be ending soon. To my horror, my nightmare come again, we were put under severe man made obstacle challenge before reaching the finishing points. Oh My God!!!!! Both of my mental and physical collapse, body gong liao lor. I was struggling and dragged myself to complete the race. PM1 gave a helping hand by pulling me to tackle the obstacles. We had to jump into 3 mud filled ditches, then climb 2 giant slippery slopes, a muddy pond about 100ft length and 3ft depth. After that jumped through the tire mound, climb up another gigantic slope, moved through the tunnel and slide down into another muddy pond and finally jogged to the finishing line together with my partner weakly (as for him powerfully and beautifully) with the timing of 1h35m, placing 23rd in men wild category.

Post Race
Finished the race at 10:05am, we had a simple breakfast. Captain worried about his wife, so we went back until the kill me off 100ft hill. We were able to search Ryan & Rachel, we paced them together until the finishing point and to take the severe man made obstacle challenge for the second time. After collecting the medal, we had breakfast again, then take shower to remove all the dirty mud. All of us went back to hotel at 11:15am. I had blood donation to leech near my kkc area, (luckily not kkc!) I come to know only after 2 hours. It could have been a perfect trailblazer without the lousy Jamboree Dinner, although very suffering and tired race, but it was really a unique experience in a lifetime. Thanks a lot to captain for motivation, or else I would have still enjoyed the kiasi relax pace at the final stage, and our position may drop beyond 30th.

brought 2u by Lai Fong Sang Pm38


Tey said...


Salute u spirit with captim !! May be u more prepare,next yr sure better performance with captim!!

Wish u all der BEST in putrajaya !!

Carboman said...

damn gud report

Lai said...

Carbo man,
Thank you.

Thank you.
Wish you all the best in Putrajaya full marathon too.
If possible, do sub 5 hours.