Thursday, September 07, 2006

Subang Jaya 10km Run 2006

Date : 5th November 2006
Venue : Kompleks Sukan S.Jaya, Selangor
Starting Time : 7.30am
Category : 10km / 7km / 5km & 3km
Entry Fee : RM10.00
Closing Date : 20th October 2006

Rating : 5 Star Event!!

brought 2u by Pm1


Anonymous said...

In view of clash with Bidor 1/2-where we have committed to go, organizer considering to defer to 26 Nov. Stay tuned.

RunWitMe said...

Why this run got 5 star rating? Goodies bag good or not?

Lai said...

Can we ask MPSJ to postpone to 12/11/06 or 26/11/06?
Really do not want to miss this event ler!
Anybody can help?

Anonymous said...

PM1...please start to collect petition to appeal MPSJ to postpone this event to another date

AdamLoh said...

I wan 2 run MPSJ cos is very challenging and I did a PR last year. Looking forward to this year again. Run for your life.

Anonymous said...

y is it so challenging? sumthing like mizuno wit double hills?