Monday, October 23, 2006

der Most Suffering LSD

Where : Bukit Aman to Sri Hartamas
When : 22nd October 2006
Distance : 20km
Split Time : 53' 14.57s (1st 10k) & 49' 25.55s (2nd 10k)
Total Timing : 1 hour 42 mins 40 sec

Actually ah, dont feel like wan to run, my whole body so super jialat tired. Alarm ring liao, try to sleep back, but dont know why hor der heart not feeling comfortable. Sumore oredi promise to fetch Draco to bukit aman, then hv to meet Joviet & Peng Peng for breakfast too. Long time never hv gathering wit PM's family liao, so I decided to suffer loh. ahahaha....

Today coach menu is 20km run to sri hartamas, then hor if u r still very fit n fresh. Pls complete either 2, 5 or 7 loops at der lake, OMG!! Anyway hor, I oredi know I kenot do it liao, so max is 20km will do loh. Coz my leg oredi wan to explode liao, after coming back from jln parlimen. I quickly poof off to bkt aman without coach notice, I'm sure coach will TNS me kau-kau lat wan. I think this is my worst 20k timing, but I'm happy coz I manage to complete it. Yeah respect der tns distance, no pain no gain.

After that, we poof off to our pacemakers stall at jln alor for breakfast. Including, Bose, Joviet Sim, Ah Loong, Jantzen Tey, William Chan, Adam der Bonus Point Man & Kopitiam Lian Bee Hoon.

This wks total mileage : 57.4km

Left top: Pm1 hold lottery lucky winner with Ah Chen, Ah Sim and Ah BoSe. Right top: Welcome back Ah Bose Hartamas LSD specially return from Singapore. Left bottom: Ah Sim running smile, specially back from Johor Bahru. Right bottom: Ah Fook Keep continue on with pia spirit and endurance for 2nd LSD in 2 days.

Oh yes, to all my muslim friends. Wishing Selamat Hari Raya, eat kau-kau lat! There will br no posting from tomoro n wednesday, we will be back on thursday.

brought 2u by Pm1

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