Sunday, October 08, 2006

Pacemakers Really Cinya Pia Habis - Habisan Wan!

What : KLAVA Friendship Relay
When : 8th October 2006
Where : Kuala Selangor Nature Park, Selangor DE
Actual Distance : 1.952km
Format : 3 runners per team, total 7 teams
PM's Team : Ronnie See - Pm1, KH Chen - Pm8 & Ryan CM - Pm17
Medal : All finishes
Trophy : Only Champion!

der day before tomoro
Lucky Ryan agree to over night at my place, bcoz dont want him to be so tired from Bangi to Kepong, then kepong to k.sgor. And bcoz he so meow meow shy, I oso ask Ah Loong to company him loh. So both of them 1 night sleep n stand together at my house. All went to bed at 1pm, light off *poof*

der Pia Day
5.40am we depart from house to meet Chen Fong Fong at 1U, our meeting time is 6am. As usual lah, he late again. So hor, he drive like ambulance loh. So we reach K.sgor at 7.05am, n some of der runners oredi arrived as early as us liao.

Most of der teams are from KLAVA, n we are der only outsider dare to take der challenge, cinya jialat wan. Klava send one of their super elite team to pia wit der pacemakers. As usual chen fong fong very der kan cheong liao, bcoz under Klava rules n regulation. Fast runner must pia first, follow by 2nd best n der slowest will take der last hurdle. Initially our plan is Chen, Ryan then only me wan. Bcoz of der rules, so I pia 1st, follow by Ryan n Chen pia for der last kopek. Reason chen run der last heat is bcoz he not fully fit n no training due to overtime n cilaka haze, that why he no confident to take der 2nd baton.

Titanic Battle #1
After all der briefing n we are ready to rock kau-kau lat. Me as der 1st runner, cinya pressure wan. Eat bubur or nasi is all depend on me first. So at 7.45am, race officially started. So I oredi turbo kau-kau lat, tot can lead from start until finish wan. TNS after 400m kena potong sayur kau-kau lat by Klava super team, I couldnt believe it, I can even get close to his bontot. I really cinya tired
liao, bcoz der surface is very hard to run, all der 1.952km is cover by grass. No tar road, no paver road, no hill road, only grass - cinya unbelievable! Bcoz I kenot get close to der Klava team, I hold on my gap make sure not losing too much distance, else later Ryan very hard to chase. Klava 1st runner cross der line in at 6min 55s, damn I was 25sec off der gap.

Titanic Battle #2
Time for Ryan Mei Mei to kan cheong liao, after get der baton from me. I can see mei mei really under pressure, as me n fong fong cinya kan cheong waiting for his arrival. After 6mins plus, can hear runners shouting liao. Fullymeow, der Klava team still in der lead. But cinya cinya unbelivable, Ryan was juz 20m to 30m behind der leader nia. And this will leave der tough task for fong fong to finish it, Ryan cross der line in 7min 50sec, n now we're jus 15sec behind der leader!

Titanic Battle #3
Now my blood pressure go even higher, cinya cinya kan cheong, this remind me of der Par Run 2. This run is not about urself, is all about team work. You fall, we fall too. So Chen fong fong really pia wit all his out heart out, beating der leader team in advantage of 45sec gap. And yes! We are der Champ, but non of us have easy task. Der Klava team really make us pia wit our true color out! Whoa!!!

First of all many thanks to Klava for inviting us to join this wonderful event especially Eddy Choo der man behind der show. We der pacemakers really enjoy der whole excitement, really appreciate it for making this event so succesfull n meaningful.

Official Result 1.952km x 3 :
22:45 - der_pacemakers Elite #2
23:30 - KLAVA
28:39 - Speedy Gonzales
29:10 - Snail Turbo
30:17 - The Incredibles
30:33 - Rocket Turtle
35:43 - Charlie Angel

der_pacemakers Split Time :
Pm1 - 7:21, Pm17 - 7:50, Pm8 7:33

Pm's Ranking Pts:
Pm1 = 10.5pts, Pm8 = 10.5pts & Pm17 = 10.5pts.

Brought 2u by der_pacemakers & KLAVA


Anonymous said...

Congratulation to you guys! How did u guys celebrate? Nice seafood in K. Selangor? ;-)


Lai Fong Sang said...

Ronnie, Chen & Ryan Teoh,
Congratulations to all of you for excellent performance and make us der_pacemakers proud!
Captain, did you go for the crab fried bee hoon which I recommended earlier?

pacemakers elite #2 said...

Lai & SJ,

Thank You Very Much!

Yes we celebrate eat seafood, but not der place that Lai mention. Cause Chen eat there b4, so he want to try another new place. Is only beside river view wan, quite ho chaik oso. I love der crap, so damn hardcore. Hv 2 use hammer only can hancur der skin. ahahahah....