Friday, November 17, 2006

Calling all pacemakers!!

What: Penang Round The Island 2006
Where: Penang Island lah!!
When: 17 December 2006
Type of race: Relay of 12 runners + 3 backup runners
Total Distance: 72.7km

To all our members, we are now trying to form a team consisting of 15 runners for the Penang Round The Island 2006 relay. If you are not aware, der_Pacemakers was initially formed just for this event, so it does bring about a bit of nostalgia. Both our last two attempts to form a complete team in the last two years were unsuccessful, so we really hope that this year we will be able to send our first contigent to participate in this event!

Due to the large number of team members required, trying to organise participation in this kind of event can be very difficult logistically. However we believe that with the PM spirit we can pull it together this time round! The toughest part will be the travel and accomodation arrangements and ensuring that anyone who has decided to participate should not withdraw at the very last moment.

Just as suggested last year, to safeguard against pull-outs, a deposit will be collected based on the room sharing arrangements. For example, if 4 persons want to share a room, then the 4 should come up with 50% deposit. So if the room is RM100, then each of the 4 will pay RM13 each. In the event of forfeiture, the money will go to the team's refreshments.

So far Ronnie (pm1) and DK (pm4) have confirmed our participation. For those of you who are interested please contact either one of us. We need to finalise the details within the next two weeks at the latest so please come forward soonest possible. Yeahhhh der PMs can do this!!!! The following is the breakdown of the course from our pm10 aka Vincent.

Leg 1 (7.5km) = flat (fastest runners here to build gap)
Leg 2 (7.3km) = flat (fastest runners here to build gap)
Leg 3 (6.3km) = flat
Leg 4 (3.9km) = Uphill all the way (strong hill runner needed)
Leg 5 (5.0km) = 500m up and then all the way down
Leg 6 (6.4km) = flat
Leg 7 (5.7km) = 2K flat, 3.7K steep hill
Leg 8 (7.5km) = down hill (strong quads needed)
Leg 9 (5.3km) = (able to stand heat)
Leg 10 (6.3km) = (able to stand heat)
Leg 11 (6.4km) = (able to stand heat)
Leg 12 (5.1km) = (able to stand heat)

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