Thursday, November 23, 2006

PRIR 2006 - Update 7


We have good news that the response for this year's Penang Round the Island Relay is much better than last year. In just one week we have managed to confirm all 15 required participants for Der_Pacemakers team. Those of you who have confirmed pls pay up the RM50 deposit to Ronnie ASAP. I am certain we are all looking forward to this event!! Ronnie shall submit the final registration to PAAA by early this week.

The confirmed runners are...
01 - Ronnie See (Pm1) - Paid
02 - Dinesh Kumaran (Pm4) - Paid
03 - Sim Boon Haw (Pm25)
04 - Lai Fong Sang (Pm38) - Paid
05 - Tey Eng Tiong (Pm22) - Paid
06 - Ryan Teoh (Pm17) / Chen Keat Hoong (Pm8)
07 - Ap Tan - Paid
08 - Naresh Kumar (Pm37)
09 - Gunaselan Rajagopal (Pm39)
10 - Lee Yin Fook (Pm40)
11 - Khoo Yit Kiat (Pm28)
12 - Kelvin Ng (Pm2)
13 - Saiful Azri Bin Abu Hassan - Paid
14 - Abu Soffian Azzahari - Paid
15 - Adam Loh - Paid

The unconfirmed runners who have indicated interest are
01 - Ng Ping Loong (pm24)
02 - Gavin Mah

03 - Toh Wai Kuen (pm9)

So lastly, please please guys we need your coorperation in not pulling out at the last moment as it will be very difficult to find replacements and it could affect the whole team. So just get in touch with Ronnie, get his bank details and make the deposit so Rachel can start making the travel and accomodation arrangements for us. Go Pacemakers!!!

Runner Location Detail :

Leg 1 (7.5km) - Naresh Kumar
Flat - need fastest runners here to build gap

Leg 2 (7.3km) - Toh Wai Kuen
Flat - need fastest runners here to build gap

Leg 3 (6.3km) - Ronnie See / Adam Loh
Flat - need fastest runners here to build gap

Leg 4 (3.9km) - Saiful Azri
Uphill all the way - strong hill runner needed

Leg 5 (5.0km) - Dinesh Sri Kumaran
500m up and then all the way down

Leg 6 (6.4km) - Tan Ay Peng
Flat - medium runner needed

Leg 7 (5.7km) - Gunaselan Rajagopal
2K flat, 3.7K steep hill

Leg 8 (7.5km) - Lai Fong Sang
Down hill - strong quads needed

Leg 9 (5.3km) - Lee Yin Fook / Kelvin Ng
Able to stand heat

Leg 10 (6.3km) - Ryan Teoh / Chen Keat Hoong
Able to stand super heat

Leg 11 (6.4km) - Khoo Yit Kiat
Able to stand super duper heat

Leg 12 (5.1km) - Sim Boon Haw
able to stand super duper kau-kau lat heat

Reserve Runner :
13) Tey Eng Tiong
14) Abu Soffian Azzahari
15) Ryan Teoh / Chen Keat Hoong

Reserve & Reserve Runner :
16) Ng Ping Loong

brought 2u by pm1


aharis said...

Form available at my blog

Put me as reserve runners.

uhukuhuk said...

Is there any race u don't take part??Ape mcm pon sapu,this race that race berak race,chickin race,lausai race,sifat race

Anonymous said...

How come nobody takes hills one...all chicken out......

Boon Haw said...

Wa...I roast pig liao...

Boon Haw said...

Wa...this is worse la...either I become a kau kau lat roasted pig or my leg broken liao...sob sob..

pm1 said...


hahaha, sorry ya... but dont worry, anyway me still consider, not finalize yet, me oso pening kapala now, wan to explode liao..

casper said...

hey , i'm not reserve but play play only