Wednesday, December 20, 2006

13 Lapper PR

Mr PR/Pia aka Lai Fong Sang PR again in klcc today for 13 laps...well done !!

His New PR : 1:24:26 / Old PR : 1:27:31 (21 Oct '06)

His sms :
Pr for 13 laps timing 1h24m26s,cinya not easy to run 13 laps alone,mental really must be kau kau lat super strong to convince the legs to run.Met Saiful at KLCC for the first time.

Best of der Best 13 Laps :
1h 18m 54s: Jack Toh (21st Oct '06)
1h 21m 41s: Kenny Tan (16th May '05)
1h 23m 35s: Ronnie See (17th Jan '05)
1h 24m 26s: Lai Fong Sang (20st Dec '06)
1h 25m 00s: Justin Lee (3rd Nov '04)
1h 43m 59s: Jamie Pang (5th Jan '05)

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