Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Running? Argh...a nightmare for me during my school day. I hate running. I'm not even watch my friend s running during sport day. I rather prefer to watch football match. HAHAHA....for me nothing interesting about running. Besides that I was the 'GEMUK' guy in the class. Do you still remember during your school days the teacher will measures our weight n height. At one time I was the 2nd "GEMUK' guy in the class and its really make me dissatisfied. Not because of I'm 'GEMUK' but dissatisfied because I'm the 2nd 'GEMUK' in class. ARGH...WHY NOT ME...I WANT TO BE NO 1.

During primary school although I did not joint running but I was a Shot Put Decathlon guy..hehehe. I was a champion for 3 consecutive years. But things change when I was in secondary school. I was in 5th ranking and not even got any medal. From that point I stop become the participant. I preferred to be supporter because I can tackle many girls in Ipoh Schools...hehehe

In the year 2005 I started like running. Middle of the year my weight was 100kg and my 2 big boss always said that I was very...very slow due to my big size. I feel frustrated...under pressured...sometimes I don't like to see my bosses face.

In July 05', I went for medical check up and the results....I got high cholesterol and diabetes. From there I start interested to exercise. I joint Fitness First. I did 10 min running 30 min cycling. Then I increase the timing for cycling but not running. Beginning of August I successfully decrease 2kg. In August my brother, Saiful n cousin, Fairus challenge me to join Adidas King of the Road 10km race. That was my first race and my time was...1 hrs 19 min. Wah...I can't believe it. I finished the race.

Fairus, Abu , Saiful n 'Budak Kecik', Hana Tsu

After Adidas 10km...things started to change. I found out running is a very interesting sport. Though I'm big size but that was not a barrear for me to run. RUN ABU....RUN.

From 10km to 15km. From KLIM06 21km to Putrajaya Marathon. I was able to finished my first marathon in 4 hrs 59 min. WOW!!! It was really tiring but feel satisfied with my achievement. This really motivated me to go further by joining Singapore Marathon. Yahoo!!! I broke my Putrajaya record. 4 hrs 34 min. What a success...

I knew Pacemaker group through PM22...Ah Tey. Then PM1...Ronnie want me to join Pacemaker Adidas Network in Penang Round der Island Relay. I'm happy to be the new member of this big family with friendly and helpful family members who love to share each other's running experiences.

Next Year target:
10km in 47 min
15km in 1 hrs 15 min
21km in 1 hrs 55 min
42km in 4 hrs 5 min

Personal Best:
10km in 0:52:51 @ Subang Jaya 10km Run (5/11/06)
15km in 1:26:32 @ NB Pacesetters 15km Run (21/5/06)
21km in 2:25:46 @ KL International Marathon (5/3/06')
42km in 4:35:53 @ Singapore International Marathon (3/12/06)


fook said...

welcome to the family!

Anonymous said...

Arigato Gozaimashita

nezz said...

Impossible is nothing. Running is ageless. Cheers to Abu Soffian!! :)