Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Mr Pia/PR LFS broke his klcc 10 laps PR

"Lai, you are the best and most improved runner, you deserve special award for that, The Most Outstanding Runner of The year 2006. My salute to you. Run all your heart out during th relay.

Our team can depend on you, wit your present our can stand tall above the rest, you make the team proud.

It is never wrong to "crown" you as Mr PR, well done my frend." - Adam Loh

PR sms from LFS..cinya kiasi lang.....congrate his pia spirit at klcc ,well done !! Overtake Tey and John liao...sipeh ho liao !!

His sms :Original plan was to attempt 28:30 for 5 laps,but tired like hell after 3rd lap,no choice got to slow down.Luckily 2nd wind comes at lap 6,then target for 10 laps PR,Phew! finally I made it.

LFS's klcc 10 laps PR =1h 02min 17ses

Split time:

5:32 6:04 6:22 6:42 6:46 6:29 6:15 6:08 6:05 5:51

Old record: 1h 04m 22s which set on 10th Oct '06.

KLCC Best of Ultra 10 Laps

** 51m 22s : Richard Habeya (3rd June '06)
** 54m 06s : Wong Lip Soon (Dec '04)
** 55m 57s : Jack Toh (Dec '04)
** 57m 41s : Chong Chee Wah (Dec '04)
** 58m 57s : Justin Lee (2nd Feb '05)
** 59m 06s : Ronnie See (2nd Feb '05)
** 59m 06s : Chen Li-Hung (July '04)
1h 02m 17s : Lai Fong Sang (13th Dec '06)
1h 02m 55s : John Tan (11th Apr '05)
1h 03m 28s : Jantzen Tey (5th Jun '05)
1h 05m 07s : Kenny Tan (15th Jun '05)
1h 08m 35s : Joviet Sim (26th Oct '06)
1h 12m 40s : Newton Yap (7th Feb '05)
1h 12m 45s : Kenneth Teh (22nd Apr '05)
1h 14m 00s : Jamie Pang (6th Apr '05)
1h 15m 47s : Dinesh Kumaran (1st Aug '06)
1h 16m 33s : Jason Lim (14th May '05)

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