Saturday, December 23, 2006

PAAA 29th Annual Round the Island Relay 2006

Dream come true...
Der first time i heard about this relay was way back 1996, that time I was like a 'kelefair' runner nia. Always dream to be in der team, but never had der chance. Wait n wait until fed up liao, so I say to myself, why dont I create my own team? Rather then I keep waiting to be selected. That's why I created der Pacemakers Network in 2004, well it take me long way to form der team. Finally after 10 years of waiting, my dream comes true. And I want to thanks to all der teammates, without you guys, I wont be here. It was a very memorable event & medal for me, wit this medal I reach
der Plantinium record of 30 medal for year 2006. Wat a unbelievable year! [insert tear here]

Race Day!
I could sleep for der whole night, at 4.30am me oredi start packing n ask everyone to wake up liao by calling room by room. By 5.30am our PM bus arrive, n load all der runners & supporter into der bus. And off we go to der starting point at Padang Kota Lama. After that, me quickly look for der PAAA official to get der bib number, n start to distribute der bib. By 6.00am der official give briefing about der rules n regulation. At 6.20am, der official already start calling the runners to go in to the respective bus. Runner leg # 2,3 & 4 in Bus A, leg # 5, 6 & 7 in Bus B, leg # 8,9 & 10 in Bus C & leg # 11 & 12 in Bus D. After the 1st leg start their run then only the bus fetch us to the point running leg point.

der PACEMAKERS network BOLEH!!
Believe it or not, I can say everyone did their best for der PM's team. Even we did not hit our target time, we not be der best team in der north malaysia, but our runners really show out der truth spirit of pia & run wit everything out, with that I'm oredi happy liao, couldn't ask for more. [Salute to my team here] To be honest, even we not finish top three, but take this is a good experience, especially der route course. Der earlier info is not so accurate, that is our disadvantage. Der heat is so unbelievable hot, especially for der last 4 runners. So pity to them, they hardly cant open their eye during der run, is so painful n unbearable. Thank god all of our runners manage to beat der heat n cross der line safely.

Wrong move!
If I hv know earlier der route course from Eddy Choo (Klava), we might not get so worst in timing. As wat Eddy say, der most toughest running leg is number 7. Yup, that is der one I'm running. Damn it!! U know wat, when I was running at half way mark, I'm saying to myself. I'm not going to run this leg anymore for next yrs again. I was almost dying like hell, after 2km flat.. it is only uphill, no downhill or flat road at all. No wonder der Old & Young veteran team place thier best runner there lah, sumore he is King of Penang hill champion. Der 2nd tougher is leg #8, which was handle by Lai Fong Sang. I tot is only all der way downhill for him. But I was wrong, it was still uphill for few kilometer, then only slowly go down. As wat I know, Lai most fearness is uphill, is a big mistake for me to put Lai in this leg, Old n Young oso put one of their faster in leg 8. Cinya sorry to Lai for my error. Der 3rd toughest is der Leg 9, 10, 11 & 12, this last 4 leg need a very experience runners like master Chen Fong Fong, able to stand heat, mentally & physically strong.

I made a few changes in der leg last mins, der 1st to 3rd leg, I place all fast runners like Richard, Naresh & Guna (suppose to be Pm1) so that they can build more gap for der medium runners. Der leg 4th Sim (suppose to be Saiful), 5th Dinesh & 6th Khoo. I scare Sim pensan in der heat, haha! 7th was Pm1 (suppose to be Guna), 8th Lai Fong Sang & 9th Abu (suppose to be Kelvin) Abu last mins replace Ryan mei mei, due to no fit. 10th Saiful (swap wit Sim), 11th Eric Teo & 12th Kelvin Ng der anchor man!

Pressure Time : Pm1 received baton from Khoo Yit Kiat, cinya kan cheong liao. My turn to pia kau-kau for der team.

King of der Road : Pm1 running wit a motorbike follow behind, so nice hor. Not everytime u'll will get this kind of experience leh, hahaha der route is mine bapa wan!

Loyal supporter : So nice to have Pm's gang to support, despite der suffering & lausai face.

Finishing Line : Pm1 pia to finish, while Lai oredi waiting for me liao.

Happy Ending
Overall, I very enjoy der wonderful trip to penang, especially wit der great Pm's gang round der whole island wit der bus. Special thanks to all der die hard supporter, such as Chin Apek, Rachel der supervisor at etc.. etc.., Tey der camera man, Adam der video man, Ryan der timekeeper, Ah Loong der pom pom girl, Naresh + Guna family, Kelvin family & all der 12 runners in der relay. Thank You kau-kau lat!!

Hope to see der_pacemakers team in der relay again in year 2007!!

p\s: There will be another excited event coming soon in april at Penang, is call "Round der Houses Relay" 8 runners + 2 reserve, each runners run 2.5km same route (guarantee finisher medals). I'm thinking to form up 2 teams, one is der Fun & Relax team & one is der pia kau-kau team. So u hv a option to choose ya, Tan Boon Seng oredi der 1st want sign up for der team liao! Happy Holiday & Merry Christmas!!

More Pg Round Island Report & Pictures oso located @
Dinesh Pm4, Tey Pm22, Abu Pm44, & Saiful Pm45

brought 2u by Captain Pm1


C-CUBE said...

Captain: u hv done a good job in getting the team together, i think it was a good experience for u as the captain to choose ur runner for different leg and also for those running together as a team. Der PM shud be more prepare next year.....and we shud aim for a podium finisher.

Captain Pm1 said...


Thanks man, yes i believe next yrs der Pm's gang will be even better n grow even stronger liao! Coz we know der route course very well liao, haha!

Lai Fong Sang said...

PM1 der_captain,
You have done a great job! Keep it up. The Penang Relay was really the most enjoyable running events for me so far, and I will definitely looking forward for next year participation. I strongly confident that we, der_pacemakers team will be performing much more better.
Meanwhile, I wish to take part in Round The House Relay 2007, you have the absolute right to put me either at pia kau kau lat team or fun n relax team.

Lai Fong Sang said...

PM1 der_captain,
You have done a great job! Keep it up!
Penang Relay was really the most enjoyable event I have taken part so far especially when we cheered for our teammates. I will definitely look forward for next year chapter and I strongly confident that we, der_pacemakers team will be performing much more better!
Meanwhile, I wish to participate in Penang Roud The Houses Relay 2007, you have the absolute rights to place me either at Pia Kau Kau team or Fun n Relax team.

aharis said...

Hahaa.. u kena #7.. same to me.
Well done kapten!!