Tuesday, December 19, 2006

PG Round The Island Relay - Pictures by Tey's

Group photo before der start.

Richard run first leg....very kc, chase by other runner.

Richard hand over baton to Naresh.

Naresh's feel the pressure of the relay race ....!!

Guna run 3rd leg, start feel the heat... !

Guna pass baton to Sim.

Sim run with pia spirit of Pacemaker, see my face know liao !!

Sim pass baton to DK, cheer by supporter and team members.

DK pia also in PG relay run, good good !!

DK hand over baton to Khoo.

Khoo run until close eye ah ? So relax ?

Cham...cham....where is der toilet.....? Captim pia until lausai face ?!

Mr Pia aka PR,even pia in PG relay run still can said hello !!

Abu very enjoy to take the challenge, ada gaya ohhh....!!

Saiful pass by Laksa Penang....!!

Saiful hand over baton to Eric Teo.

Eric Teo manage to take the most suffer heat.

Eric Teo pass baton to Kelvin,for final leg !

Finally I pia ,I did it...yeah.....!!!

Group photo after got the hard earn medal.

Please view Tey's album at album 2, from PGrelay06a to PGrelay06d. Thanks

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