Friday, December 01, 2006

Pia Kau Kau Lat in Singapore!

To all Der_Pacemakers heading down to Singapore, make sure you all pia kau kau lat! Whether you're doing the marathon, half or 10K, don't let the opportunity go to waste to soak in the atmosphere of an international class event. If your training has been to plans, well done - now's the time to show it. If you've found your training derailed, now's the time to call up your spirit of pia - since it'll be difficult to hit your PR in your undertrained condition, then do your utmost to give your all.

Singapore will be tough. Not only will you be facing the heat and humidity, you will also face 5 times the human traffic. So be sure to employ the correct race tactics so that the crowd don't impede you in your race.

On behalf of the PMs who will not be heading south this weekend, all the best in your race! And have a safe travel! Oh yes, don't forget your passport or this will be a TNS trip for you!! Hahahaha!

Brought 2 u by PM5

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Tey said...

Hi,all PMs and running friends:

All der Best in SIM..!! Do enjoy ya !!