Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Singapore International Marathon - Race Report

Date : Sunday, 3rd December 2006
Start Point : Esplanade Drive, The Esplanade Bridge
End Point : St. Andrew Road, The Padang
Distance : 21.1km

Friday, 1st December 2006
Damn! Suddenly I feel so wan wan dei, mean sakit kepala. Wallup 1 panadol n sleep for a while, waiting for Ah Loong call, coz his father is fetching me n Rachel to puduraya. We take midnight bus at 12am, this is der first time pacemakers gang have such a big group going together for a big race leh.

By 10.35pm Ah Loong father oredi arrived, then we proceed to fetch Lai Fong Sang, we reach puduraya at 11.10pm. Meet up wit Kelvin + Wife, Mei Mei Ryan & Alonso Fook. Kenny Tan arrived at 11.30pm, we oso meet up wit der KC & Sunshine gang. To my surprise, we are in der same bus wit them too. Yes! der Transnational bus, der official bus to Singapore.. hahaha!

Saturday, 2nd December 2006
Damn again, could not sleep in der bus lah.Cinya geram, by 3 plus oredi reach JB custom.Check passport n proceed to Spore custom, by 4am everything kautim liao. Reach Spore bus station around 5am and wait for MRT to open. We meet up wit Adam at MRT station, n proceed to chinatown for our apartment check in. After check in, take 1 hour nap for leg n body recovery. By 9am we proceed to Marina Hotel to collect out bib n goodies bag, meet up wit Bose, Ai Ling, Jason & Renohtaram. After that, Bose bring us to makan-makan n site seeing.

Reach back to our apartment at 6pm, take a shower n rest, while waiting for Kenneth. Kenneth is staying at our apartment too. And by 7pm we went out for dinner, after makan-makan. Some go jalan-jalan, some want to rest. Of course I'm on der resting group, coz leg kenot tahan liao. Very der tired, wallup 1 panadol again b4 I sleep. By 11pm, I only can sleep in peace.

Sunday, 3rd December 2006 (der Race Day)
Beep! Beep! 5am wake up liao, have some breakfast n pangsai by 5.40am we leave der apartment. We take two taxi coz our group got 8 ppls all together, Kelvin Kenny Ah Loong & Fook oredi went out early, coz they going for marathon which start at 6am. By 5.50am oredi reach der starting point, still got time to see der marathon start. Fuyo! der crowd is unbelievable pack!After saw der marathon start liao, quickly went to look for toilet. To my surprise there are plenty of mobile toilet, haha dont need to queue up to wait wan.

After kautim, quickly poof to starting line. Do some stretching b4 masuk kandang, it was 6.19am n I was oredi in der kandang. Standing quite in front oso, Ahem.. together wit Justin Lee. Suddenly wit 2 mins to start I want to pee (kencing) Kanasai! No choice have to wait until I start der run, at 6am sharp there goes all der monkey pia like cat n dog. Surprisingly me n Justin were in der front pack, if not mistaken me #7 Justin #8.

After running for more than 1.5km, I decided to have a pit stop. Cilaka suddenly der kencing dont wan to come out, have to sing song only he come out. After pee liao, suddenly saw Khoo Yit Kiat n Gunaselan was infront of me. Damn so pressure, n sumore Justin oredi 30s ahead of me.Looking for distance marker, after 3km only i saw it n my timing 13m 05s (plus my kencing timing) average 4'22 pace per km, wahhh! cinya happy, still on target for PR. But my happiness only for a short while, after that disaster start liao.

After 4km plus bump into marathon runners, that time still ok. coz I'm still running at outside lane, juz that I hv to shout for "PLS GIVE WAY" some ppl arevery co-operate some are not. After 8km plus there is no way I can run outside lane anymore, der crowd are geting more n more jialat. Hv to turn into zigzaz running style, at first still ok.

But after 12km body kenot take it anymore liao, causing my stomach pain. Almost wanted to walk liao, cause der pain cinya irritating force to slow down der pace, that is where Gunaselan start to overtake me. I suddenly feel so kan cheong, there is where I got my motivation back. Try to chase back Guna, but he seen like getting stronger n stronger. At one point, I couldnt see him anymore.

At 17km water station, another disaster for me. End up fighting wit runner, I think he run der marathon wan. First I ask him to move away, coz I need der water. He seen not happy push me away, I oso very geram I push him back. Then he push me again, then hor I use der water cup to splash at him. Then he dont dare to do anything, so I poof away (LLM, wasted another 30s).

About to reach der u-turn, I'm so happy coz Justin was juz 250m infront of me. I pia all my power out to chase him, but at that time Justin oredi become like Steve Prefontaine, always turn der head n look around for me. Hahahaha....Wit 1km to go, I push everything I hv. Until der bridge I pancit liao, coz I didnt know hv to run at that part too. Coz my mind only thinking of strait finishing line, crossing der finishing in a very suffering way.

Overall, I'm not very enjoying der run. Der worst run in my life! Bleeehhhhh!!!!

der Split Time:
03km - 13' 05.030
04km - 04' 26.98 > 17' 32.01
05km - 04' 33.23 > 22' 05.24
06km - 04' 37.49 > 26' 42.73
07km - 04' 24.39 > 31' 01.12
08km - 04' 50.85 > 35' 57.97
09km - 04' 28.99 > 40' 26.96
11km - 09' 15.89 > 49' 42.85
12km - 04' 35.61 > 54' 18.46
13km - 04' 37.14 > 58' 55.60
15km - 09' 23.56 > 1h 08m 19s
17km - 09' 18.85 > 1h 17m 38s
21km - 18' 19.27 > 1h 35m 57s (Hand Time)

Next Stop : Starwalk @ Penang (10th December 2006)

Pm's Ranking Pts - 42.195km :
Pm27 = 33.6pts, Pm34 = 29.4pts, Pm16 = 25.2pts, Pm02 = 21.0pts
Pm24 = 16.8pts, Pm42 = 12.6pts, Pm40 = 08.4pts, Pm23 = 04.2pts

Pm's Ranking Pts - 21.1km :
Pm19 = 23.1pts, Pm01 = 21.0pts, Pm39 = 18.9pts, Pm28 = 16.8pts
Pm38 = 14.7pts, Pm29 = 12.6pts, Pm17 = 10.5pts, Pm25 = 08.4pts
Pm32 = 06.3pts, Pm20 = 04.2pts, Pm1a = 02.1pts

Pm's Ranking Pts - 10km :
Pm11 = 2pts, Pm21 = 1pt

brought 2u by pm1


Anonymous said...

Being an extremely-eager-to-break-record runner is what I am impress about you Mr See. But being such a selfish person knowing Singapore' course is narrow (yeah..2 way traffic consists a record number of runners), is unacceptable in the sport we love. There are runners who cry just after cross the finish line (feeling great about finishing the marathon even it was 6hrs+). All of us have target I understand. A long water stations, I think, gave you more space to use it. In other word, Singapore is not a race for person who has only 'to break record' in mind. And quarrel with marathoner is just another blow. Give some respect to them, cause you never bother to try one. If Pre still alive, I dont't think he would agree what just have you done. Relaxlah Ronnie..... take your time man. Skip Singapore next time. Not suitable for you.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Soh Low Ngap Foong...hee hee

Tan BoSe said...

wow..diidn't know that you actually fight wiith a runner..Hahaha.. There's hell lot of marathon runner this year, and most of them are slow runners, I can understand your feeling but what to do?

LLM said...

anonymous 1 at 8:08pm, your are the chee sin loh, nobody wan to talk to you, nobody wan to bother you also, lei mai hai chee sin low loh .

Anonymous 2 at 9:55pm,
tnmkch, lei mai chow hai so low ngap foong lor. Better keep your mouth shut.