Monday, January 15, 2007

Lets begin 2007 with a BANG!!!

Der Pacemakers Network is moving into the next Paradigm. Because the group had grown from strength to strength over the years (since year "2004" with 15 members) to 45 members todate, we have decided to commemorate this success by having an official PM vest of our own. We will use the PM vest as the official race attire in all races that der PM participate. This initiatives not only make us a network of our own (within the Pacesetters) but also a group of people that promote running as a form of healthy activities.

The vest will have Der Pacemakers wording printed on the front, and also a logo of a partial sponsor (Fortune 500 company) at the back, currently under negotiation. On top of that, we have also gotten Saucony to resell the vest to us at a highly discounted price. We are estimating that the cost of the vest to be in the range of RM15-RM20.

With this new year initiatives, I would like to seek your support in purchasing the vest. I hope the cost of the vest is not a big burden to you, but on a positive note will bring us closer as a network of runners and get recognised in the running community be it in Malaysia and overseas. Appreciate your fullest support to make this happen for 2007.

Comfirm List :

01 - Ronnie See (M)
02 - Rachel Lee (M - Women)
03 - Choy Chik Choi (L)
04 - Dinesh Kumaran (L)
05 - Jamie Pang (L)
06 - Chen Keat Hoong (L)
07 - Lai Fong Sang (M)
08 - Ryan Teoh (M)
09 - Mohd Yaziz (M)
10 - Kenny Tan (L)
11 - Justin Lee (M)
12 - Adam Loh (M)
13 - Tey Eng Tiong x 6 (1M) + (3L) & (2S Women)
14 - Zulazlan (M)
15 - Kenneth Teh (L)
16 - Eng Seok Jiun (S - Women)
17 - Phyllis Kok (S - Women)
18 - Cheong Shih Heng (L)
19 - Newton Yap (L)
20 - Tan Boon Seng x 2 (M)
21 - Sim Boon Haw (M)
22 - Abu Soffian (L)
23 - Lee Yin Fook (M) + (2S Women)
24 - Rohaizad B Norpiah (M)
25 - Jason Lim Fang Hau (M)
26 - Lee Weng Khong (L)
27 - Tan Khee Meng (M)
28 - Alden Yap (L)
29 - Thomas Ng (L)
30 - Ng Ping Loong (L)
31 - Kelvin Ng (L)
32 - Shine Teh (L)
33 - Martin Chew (XL)
34 - Abdul Haris (L)
35 - Ben Swee (M)
36 - Kevin Chow (1M) + (1L)
37 - Naresh Kumar (M)
38 - Gunaselan Rajagopal (M)
39 - Khoo Yit Kiat (M)
40 - Saiful Azri (M)
41 - Toh Wai Kuen (L)

Your captain,

Ronnie See aka PM1


RunWitMe said...

What's next? Pacemaker underwear and sport bra? Heheh! I'm so proud of you guys! Congrats for new vest.

C-CUBE said...

rwm: u got jalan for sports bra or not, i want to get into that biz hehehe!!!!

Penguin 2 said...


Congratulations !!!

BTW, do you extend the purchase of vest to close buddies of pacemaker ?

If u are agreeable, I would like to buy one. This will further enhance the popularity of your network.


Anonymous said...

Can we have our name printed on the vest..Big Big one.....

der_pm1 said...

Runwitme, Kam Siah.

Tan Khee Meng,
Yes, everyone are welcome for der vest.

Yes u can print wat ever u want, but bare on ur own cost ya.

aharis said...

L size please

Ironman Dreamer said...

Wah, Congrats on your new milestone!! i also want 1... can or not ah? hehe...

Anonymous said...

I would like a sports bra!
Please add me for small, or x small.
Ai Ling