Monday, January 15, 2007

My 2nd GE30K Pratice Run

Wit one more wks to GE30K, n I was advice by John Tan not to do another 30K. Due to, too close to der race oredi, so my plan is to stick to 25k nia. Today I hv many pacer, Lai Prefontaine, Kenny Tham (phlegm) & Adam Taylor Hicks. As usual, Prefontaine oredi pia like rocket liao in der begining. Me, Kenny Tham & Taylor Hicks stick together as one group. Everytime run wit Kenny, our pace is call "Talking Pace" Kenny talk kok from start until finish, n he say this is part of our training too, he is really amazing. Before 1.5km to hartamas petrol station, Prefontaine oredi in red light liao. Manage to catch up wit him, this is bcoz he is still under fever, n milage oso drop, we manage to finish together for der 9.9k at 50mins plus. Surprisingly Tony Quay was there to volunteer for water station, I hv a cup of two, then went to pangsai n then continue my 2nd part of my run. Thank You Tony, really appreciate it!

On return back, only left Me, Kenny & Taylor Hicks in der running. Prefontaine is no where to be seen liao. Taylor oredi back to his old form liao, so Prefontaine better watch out ya. Wit 1.2km to bkt aman, saw Tony again. Me n Kenny drink 2 more cup again, bcoz cinya thristy. But Taylor continue running, so this mean he only want to run 20k nia. That left only Me & Kenny for der 25k run, I keep asking Kenny "Are U ok?" He say OK! bcoz I dont want to run der last 5km alone leh, cinya boring n sumore is getting hot liao.

Going into der Lake Garden loop, Rachel oredi waiting for us liao. Again we hv a water station stop, drink n continue for der 2 loops. After coming out from der loop, Kenny turn on his turbo. Try to keep close to him, but his getting faster n faster. And he finish it very strongly ahead of me by 10 sec. Wat a good run wit Kenny Tham, I really enjoy it!!

For der GE30K, I will watch out for this 6 fellas. They are my close arch rival as follow:
1) Jeremy, der favourite
2) Ben Swee, der dark horse
3) CB Leow, der natural runner
4) Chen Fong Fong, der bar tender
5) John Tan, der underdog
6) Kenny Tham, der runner who beat me today

All this 6 runners has beaten me b4, this time I want to turn der table n chair onto them. Or anything below sub 2'30 it will be a bonus to me regardless who beat me lah. Or whichever come first lah, wakakakaka....!!

My Current Long Run on 14th Jan 2005
der Split Time :
9.9km > 50' 29.37 - from bkt aman car park to sri hartamas
9.8km > 47' 47.47 - from Sri Hartamas to Tugu trafik light
0.5km > 02' 23.99 - from tugu to lake garden
2.3km > 11' 34.21 - 1st loops
2.3km > 11' 12.62 - 2nd loops
0.6km > 02' 58.19 - from Lake Garden to Bkt Aman car park.

Total Timing & Distance : 2 hrs 06 mins 25 sec (25.4km)
Kenny Tan : 2hrs 06 mins 15sec

Previous Long Run on 31st Dec 2006
der Split Time :
9.9km > 49' 43.19 - from bkt aman car park to sri hartamas
9.8km > 46' 32.82 - from Sri Hartamas to Tugu trafik light
0.5km > 02' 18.32 - from tugu to lake garden
2.3km > 11' 21.63 - 1st loops
2.3km > 11' 25.07 - 2nd loops
0.6km > 03' 05.88 - from Lake Garden to Bkt Aman car park.

Total Timing & Distance for Pm1 : 2 hrs 27 mins 10 sec (30km)

Last but not least, Wishing Tey Eng Tiong Happy Belated Birthday, may he achieve his 100 Marathon Cert before he reach 60 yrs old.. hahaha.

brought 2u by Captian de Pm1


Anonymous said...

Tey hapi bird-day!
me last 30k run is last yr march, now u wan 2 put me in ur sayur list? sampai hati ler... anyway I never win u in 30k, so is it der time 2 do it? hmmm....

John said...

It's a GREAT honour to be listed as one of your Top Contenders in this 30k run! Good luck to you in advance.