Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Desperate Run by Chen Pong Pong

Event start 7am, wakeup 7.40, have rush in full speed to start point without go release water or breakfast or have a drink.

I should have voided this race, tired like hell after yesterday work and the stomach is empty like a Japan drum.

But the stubborn pig head still want to enter as the pee has gone up to head and do not think before I act. I only think of toilet, nothing but toilet, before the start, warm up also unable to do cause two leg is cross to hold der internal water bag. I only can use 1 word to describe, desperate, I do not dare to search gents, because the race start any micro second.

Knowing that the race is only 3k plus, no way could I be unable to hold it that short distance, no way. Lucky after few steps run, my desire for women, I mean pee, has been reduce dramatically, man I have a heaven pace for almost 10 minute, no nature call disturb me, and I almost on my usual pace, just follow closely the veteran I have ‘sayur’ in last year Jerantut run, then I have the feel my body system have come back to normal, I want to repeat the form and out run him, but once push I start to feel leg like jelly, oh yes, I forget my breakfast, cause I so rush and scare until I forget everything and my stomach is complain and riot do not want me to complete the run, so desperate the pace drop dramatically and the veteran also manage run back to pick up his drop ribbon and ‘sayur’ me back with no sweat.

My fighting spirit has totally drop to zero or negative I think, and the U student behind me also can out run me without a fight from me, the engine almost completely shutdown and the leg shaking effect even bring forward to tomorrow run, which I also fail again cause so many pee in brain and do the wrong move, speed on the disqualified laps, which I should speed on the proper laps. This is really a painful to start my CNY mahjong and black jack battle, all the confidence and luck is all not with me, at least I can’t feel the present of it. Mistake, mistake…

Just want to use this painful experience to tell fellow runner, if you not in proper condition to start a race, void it, you won’t do it properly in anyway!!!!!!!!!!

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