Friday, February 09, 2007


Dear All,

With regards to the above subject, it is evident that certain people are made to help the group out by filling in forms, collecting of bibs/t-shirts/goodies for a particular race. The person chosen normally has to do a lot more and in the process, petrol/parking charges are borne by him. For those who volunteer or those who are chosen to register for the others, please bear in mind that they are people with jobs and they too have their own responsibilities and time constraints. Filling in forms and running about to register is not really an easy job. It takes time and is a purely a voluntary service. It is not an obligation.

There are also cases where the requester claimed to have paid when he/she had not. Some payments were also outstanding since a year. There are also a few cases where the requester expected automatic registration service or standing instruction. Here I'd like to clarify that there is no such assumptions going forward. If you want help in registering for events, please have the courtesy to inform and pay up immediately. If payments are not received, no entries will be submitted.

Hence I'd like to suggest that the person who is selected or volunteers to do the registering is paid RM2-00 by each requester as a 'runner's fee'. This is only fair in order for the person to help pay for his/her parking, petrol and courier charges.

Guys/ladies, try putting yourself in the shoes of those who have to do this job for all of you - when you have to do it all the time, it's no fun!!! What with the jam and cramped facilities of the registration office.

I would appreciate your cooperation in this matter. Help the volunteers to help you!

Kind Regards,
Rachel Lee (PM21)


C-CUBE said...

pm21, I concur with you. No $$$ No Register. Full Stop!!!! Just flash out ur MayBan2U account and its online, so no excuses that I cannot give u the $$$ lah or I cant meet you at that hour lah.

Anonymous said...

Correct, beautifully said & precise 2 the point. I myself have experienced that but i did it only to those who r good, reliable & prompt paymaster and who had done d same in return. Those who had abused this 'service' should be feeling the heat now bcoz of the 'cili padi'.

zebrallini said...

oi .. saya selalu pay in advance apa? siap ada upah lagik ... tanya ronnie

but is okay ... saya ikut perintah saja

Mr Balan said...

vanakam! can i deposit rm200 advance first. any future registrations can deduct from there.

Rachel Lee said...

Simimase, Just get this idea from someone. 'He' remind me about this, and i just wanna try to protect those volunteer. I hope the RM2 is not too high ya. And pls take note im not pointing to anyone, pls dont misunderstand. Even my 'lou gong' oso have to pay if he ask ppl to help in register. Fair right? :-p

Anonymous said...

I understand the no money no registration and point taken.

What I do not agree is the surcharge of RM2 per requester? Is he/she not registering for himself/herself when he/she is doing for others as well? He/she still have to pay the parking, toll, gasoline. And volunteer is doing that out of kindness, well, if that is deemed troublesome, that volunteer can reject the request.

Furthermore, the surcharge is RM2 per requester or per request? What right do you have to 'appoint' which is the volunteer. If certain ppl only register for few times out of convenience, do we have to pay each of them RM2?

Please consider. Somehow, somewhere, someone is abusing the kindness of these helpful people and everyone is now charged.

zebrallini said...

oi ... sapa ada hutang tuh bayar lar cepat2

Rachel Lee said...

Dear Anonymous,even if the person go for register for his own,maybe he only go once,i think u don know a lot of 'ppl' love to ask ppl to help to register in last mins. YES,he can reject to help the ppl,but in the point of kindness,he still help.

If you think the RM2 is not reasonable,try to arrange ur own register.u will know the time u spend in the registration counter.

If there is bulk of ppl asking for help,i think u cant imagine how messy there.I think the volunteer oso don earn anything from the RM2 if compare to the effort n the time spending.

Pls do understand, This is long term thing, as i know, most of the runners can run until 'n' yrs old.

Pls dont compare to others who currently doing this for FREE, Im sure different ppl got different comment.I hope you all knowing that this mostly is for our group.

I think Pacemakers wont think of that way. If yes, really sorry.

Anonymous said...

If he does not want to reject then that's his/her problem. What's the point of being kind yet wanting to charge others?

Anonymous said...

i think the whole matter boils down to the PM group getting bigger and bigger. with so many registrants passing the forms to a volunteer, it can be taxing. perhaps, there should be a rotation, say a group of 2 fellas collect and then the next round another different group collect. the rm2 can be made optional (up to you) used as "pool" money for taxi, parking etc. volunteerism is what made this website so successful.

Anonymous said...

money grabbing chinese!!! so typical of chinese to charge for everything and in this case it doesnt even make sense as the person is already going to register i said money grabbing chinese are so typical!!!

Anonymous said...

money grabbing chinese!!! so typical of chinese to charge for everything and in this case it doesnt even make sense as the person is already going to register i said money grabbing chinese are so typical!!!