Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Fastest Man in Lake Garden

Today I officially announce Loco Lai Fong Sang aka Pm38 is der fastest man in Lake Garden which covering distance of 2.3km wit der time of 8 mins 57.92sec, erasing der previous record hold by Kenny Tan, Pm27 [9mins 16.88s] on 4th Jan 2007. FYI, Lai is only using 90% of der effort nia, bcoz Lai hv to reserve energy for der 2nd set. Too bad der 2nd set was not so good timing 9mins 32.09s, but anyway Lai oredi did der best liao! [insert Salute here]

Congtars to Lai for his super amazing pia spirit, no ever human can be so strong n high spirit as him.

Lake Garden 2.3KM Record :
8m 57.92s [07th Mar '07] - Lai Fong Sang
9m 16.88s [04th Jan '07] - Kenny Tan
9m 23.62s [30th Jan '07] - Chen Keat Hoong
9m 26.47s [30th Jan '07] - Ronnie See

brought 2u by Pm1

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