Sunday, March 04, 2007

KLIM Circuit Run III

When : 3rd March 2007
Where : Lake Garden, Kuala Lumpur
Time : 7.15am
Distance : 2.3km per loop
Photografer : Tey Eng Tiong

Thank God I made it for der Podium finish!
I tot GE30K is tough, however after completing der Circuit Run 3 for nearly 2 hours under der hot sun. It is truly unbelievable tough, wat more is only 3 medals up for grab. There was no easy potato for me thru out der whole run, pressure oredi start from loop 1 until finish line. 1st loop I was oredi in top 3 position, but after 2nd loop was sayur by one malay guy. This mean I drop to 4th placing, high blood pressure start from here. I was trying very hard to get close to der malay runner, however every loop he go even faster n stronger. From 100m gap to 200m gap, even Saiful N Abu say hello to me, I oso no respond. Coz I was very focus on that malay guy, sorry ya!

After loop #6, 2nd placing runner pull out liao. I was so happy, mean I'm back in podium position at #3rd, that malay guy was at #2nd liao. Der 2nd runner pull out due to overheat n exhausted.

At loop #7, suddenly stomach pain feel like want to pangsai [insert &^%$# here]. I wanted to hv a pit stop at der public toilet, but I'm affraid my position may drop even further. Wat to do? Bare wit der pain loh!! After Loop #9, der pain gone liao. But I was oredi exhausted n tired liao, Loop #10 was my slower timing.

Final Turbo!
Eventho I hv 14mins left for one last round, I still need to turbo. Kenot play-play, oredi come so far. And sumore 2nd placing runner was juz 50m infront of me nia, I push everthing I hv. I manage to overtake der 2nd placing runner wit 800m to go, then I was very kan cheong. That guy follow me very tight, I push hard again for some distance. After that he no follow liao, PHEW!! Wat a relief.. I cross der finishing line safely at position number 2 placing [insert my tear here].

My Split Time for 25.3km :
Lap 01 : 10' 04.17
Lap 02 : 10' 18.57 > 20' 22.74
Lap 03 : 10' 18.51 > 30' 41.25
Lap 04 : 10' 19.16 > 41' 00.41
Lap 05 : 10' 23.82 > 51' 24.23
Lap 06 : 10' 28.60 > 1h 01m 52s
Lap 07 : 10' 46.22 > 1h 12m 39s
Lap 08 : 10' 54.31 > 1h 23m 33s
Lap 09 : 10' 59.94 > 1h 34m 33s
Lap 10 : 11' 11.37 > 1h 45m 44s
Lap 11 : 10' 26.20 > 1h 56m 10s (Personal Best!)

Previous Record :
1h 59m 31s, 3rd Placing (19th Feb 2005)

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