Monday, March 19, 2007

KLIM - Pictures

Half Marathon Pm's : Chin, Pm1, Bose, LFS, Jamie Kevin & Lim PT

Asthma Man : Kenny Tan breaking another marathon record @ 3' 57.15

Boon Seng, Rachel Lee, Kenneth Teh & Lawrence Leong

Kenneth, Lawrence, Jamie, Kenny, Chin Pg & Zulazlan

Wong, Jack Toh, Ah Beh, Chen, Kenny & Mian

Mega Group Photos : der pacemakers family

Bite-wit-me : Justine Kumaren, Pm1 & Lim PT

Pacemakers Kedah : Pm1 wit Abdul Haris

Giant Board : Size doesnt matter

Marathoner : Ryan Mei Mei, Saiful & Cube

Abu, Saiful, Pm1, Cube & Ryan Mei Mei

Draco Way : Another Loyal Pm's is Ng Ping Loong

Pm's supporter : Waiting patiently for DK & Tey arrival

Der rocking star : Nezz & Fook

Hero #1 : Dinesh Tan, despite der cramp, he manage to complete der marathon in 5h 58m 58s. [insert kan cheong for DK Tan here]

Hero #2 : Tey, suffer from old injury at half way mark. Very determinate to finish der run + walk in 6h 03.40s, lucky still got medal for him. [insert Tey kau-kau lat here]

brought 2u by Pm1


Anonymous said...

Congrats to all of you who made the KLIM finishing line and even if you did not manage to finish for good reason obviously,I'm sure you will the next time.
Many greetings from Paris here I've been following most of your blogs way back from 2004 and being a fanatical runner myself coming from Bidor ( I started the Bidor Kaki runner group with a few friends in 1997 and we went everywhere for races just like what you are doing now, fantastic!) I really salute you all churning out good race timings with one race after another so close together! I can really identify with those of you who came back with less than your satisfctory time.I can remember those days my own timing also went up and down like yoyo. After reading so many books and running articles as recommended by der Dr Jamie Pang( many thanks) I'm able to pin down the reason. I simply had too many speed runs those days in Bidor. Every training run ( 5 to 14 km route) was a race, our running moto was "si chew si"! By time we went for races we were already a spent force. My best 10k time was sub 42min but I'd never manage a sub 1hr45 for 21k. I ran the Penang full 1998 in a disappointing 5hr2 having to walked the last 17k with tail between my legs!!
In Paris I switch to run only 1 speed session per week either a long tempo ( 1hr at half marathon race pace)or 6 x 1k repeat but with lots of weekend long runs. Last year I ran 1hr38 in half marathon and finished a respectable 3hr48 for the Paris full marathon. Not bad for a 50 yr old man!
But this is what I hope is a friendly but strong advice that I hope you all can accept - please take time to let your body recover!!!! Well, I did not heed this advice last year and continued tough training immediately after the full maranthon because I hope to qualify for Boston this year but I suffered a strange back injury that won't go away. This year I have to sit on the "COLD chair" and watch other run, Sigh!!
So, my friends, take at least 1 or 2 weeks off road and go for swimming instead.
I'm particularly concerned about Kenny Tan (Hi brother!) He is definitely a sub 3hr30 marathonner but I think he is leaving his race on the training route with far too many pia training runs.
Sorry for being so long winded because I may to you all like a stranger. But all of you are no stranger to me!
Thanks Captain Ron for being such an inspiration! Keep up the good work! Cheers or Au revoir!

Waterman Yap

Tey said...


Sorry let u all waiting under hot hot sun for so long,intend to give pm1 couple a call,but didn't make it,cause don know still got time or not.

Anyway,lucky to have u all support and Pm family support and pia spirit.

Got many ambulance ask me,but no think twice,said no need to go up lah,cause still can walk medium pace aboout 5km plus per hour.

My body still can feel the hot hot sun burn affect...!!

Anyway,this experience not encourage to follow and repeat,must can't lazy to train b4 a FULL race.

Wish u all the best in future race and enjoy running,run injury free !!

Take care !!

Carboman said...

Hi Yap
Thanks for your feedback. I'm sure your advice is much appreciated. Looking fwd to "seeing" you on the Chatbox!

krunner said...


Very good advice on on the importance of recovery time and not doing too much/frequent hard training. I too read tons of books and did the very same mistakes when I was "gung-ho" about getting my PRs fast and every time.

Boon Haw said...

Hi Tey, better take care oh. See you in Pacesetters 15k ya!

NEZZ said...

Congrats to all runners!! Without all of you, KLIM'07 won't be a happening event!! Cheers!!

ThaiMarathoner said...

First, would say "Congratulations" to all and thanks a lot for the hospitality manner and warm welcome.
Moreover, your blog very helpful for me and runners.
All the best to der_pacemakers!