Monday, March 26, 2007

Pacemakers going to Rock in Port Dickson
What : Port Dickson International Half Marathon
When : 1st April 2007
Where : Admiral Marina Resort, Port Dickson
Distance : 11KM / 21KM

Men Open 11KM:
C1080 : Sim Boon Haw, Pm25
C1081 : Lim Pueh Tian, Pm1a
C1082 : Zulazlan, Pm43

Women Open 11KM:
D1012 : Rachel Lee, Pm21

Men Open 21KM:
A1062 : Toh Wai Kuen, Pm14

A1063 : Lee Yin Fook, Pm40
A1064 : Ronnie See, Pm1

A0000: Adam Loh,Pm29

*Note: If anyone interested to go on Sunday Morning, there is a car will depart from Bukit Aman to PD on 4a.m. There is 2 more seat left. Please contact Bong at 019-312 6725. Thanks.

Brought to you by Pm1 & Pm21


Adrian said...

see you there pacemakers!

CP Waterman Yap said...

Hi Capitano:
Easy easy these few days pls! U oredi had much speed work liao - the tunnel race & KLIM race.
Think of a fully soaked sponge with H2O. U can squeeze out alot of H2O from it.Then u put it back to H2O to soak back again, that takes time. If u take out too fast b'4 it is fully soaked again U can't squeeze as much H2O out liao.
Thats why after 10k performance suffer liao.
Also, pls dont pia too fast the 1st 2k. Do negative split. My nephews all around your standard, they consistantly run below 1hr25!!!
I'm 100% sure u can do it!!!
Alez! all the best this wkend. Dont give urself pressure ya!
Take care!

Anonymous said...

Dear Waterman Yap,

Thanks again for ur very kind word, N ur advice is very useful. Will try my best to PR for PD Half, but my main priority is to get medal. Anything is a bonus :)

Captian Ron @ Pm1