Sunday, April 29, 2007

Malay Mail Big Walk

Malay Mail Big Walk,start at Dataran Merdeka,end at Padang Merbok.

From left:SJ,SL and Kevin Chow ready at starting line.

Rachel and her mum toke part in Malay Mail Big Walk fun walk 3km.

SJ (right)and SL with their top 5 goodie bag.

Kevin Chow with his hard earn medal.

SJ n SL each get 4th and 5th in women open 20km walk.Lucky got 2 disqualified,if not they will placing 6th and 7th.So smile non stop,each earn RM 1000 n RM 900...Congratulation to them..!!!SJ 2:29:22,SL 2:31:09.

Batu Pahat Tan Song Hua,closed 2:03:23,position 10th in Men Open 20km.

Kevin Chow improve timing 3 minutes,closed 2h22m,position 23th in Men Open 20km.

Chong YZ from Batu Pahat,Johor,his walk also not bad,maiden 20km walk race,25th,2h30m.

Aiman Cheah 29th.Timing 2h31m.
Men Open 20km :
1:42:59 Teoh Boon Lim (KL) 1st
1:47:43 Thevenara (KL) 2nd
1:50:10 Chan Wai Hung (KL) 3rd
1:52:23 Edmund Sim Soon Chye(JB) 4th
1:54:28 Effendi (Perak) 5th
1:55:22 Mohd Hanizam (Perak) 6th
1:57:16 Sofarul (Perak) 7th
2:01:20 Khairul (Pahang) 8th
2:03:17 Daniel (Kenya) 9th
2:03:27 Tan Song Hua (Johor) 10th

2:22:00 Kevin Chow (Pm 32)23th
2:30:00 Chong Ying Zheng 25th
2:31:00 Aiman Cheah 29th

Women Open 20km :
2:07:33 Song Gie Chee (SSPJ) 1st
2:17:25 Kacimah (Great Eastern) 2nd
2:26:51 Norazilah (Perak) 3rd
2:29:22 Eng Seok Jiun (PACM,Pm 11) 4th
2:31:09 Eng Seok Ling (PACM) 5th
2:31:18 Evnice (Kenya) 6th
2:40:55 Chew Yoke Chee (PACM) 8th
2:41:29 Amelia Ang Peck Har(Johnson) 9th

brought 2u by Pm22

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