Monday, April 16, 2007

PM gang pia in Orange run


Pm's family from R-L :Fook, Drago, Rachel, Justin, Adam, Ronnie, Lim, Jason & SJ

Pm1 always stand infront, want to fight with african express and Goh Chun An ?

Pm1 in leading pack.....!!

Celebrities Justin relax run with Fook

Captain Pm1 pia in last 200 metres

Richard still not in peak form

Naresh pia all out in two days...!!!

SJ n SL always pace each other, finishing only decide who win...!!

Pm19 DNF! Rush back for accompany wife to church

Khoo relax pace also infront

Adam pia all out....!!

Jason learn2eat, izzit all out liao?

Fook homeground race

Pm2 famous reaction face...!! suffer ?

Drago der sifat Loong

Handsome n Stylish Lim relax run...!!

Fook and Pm1 escort pm21 to finishing....!

Rachel happy to have two bodyguards for last 150metres pacing

More photos at pm22 album 3, view Orange 07 and Orange 07(2) Thanks

brought 2u by pm22

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