Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Birthday Rachel 生日快樂

Happy Birthday to our Pm21 Rachel,wife of our captain,wish her healthy and all of the dream come true !!



Tey said...


Happy birthday !!

Wish u happy and healthy always !


RunWitMe said...

Happy Birthday 2U!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday rachel, ask your hubby send u to fitness centre laa! can b slim in future, ok, guna

Rachel Lee said...

Tey, thanks for the nice picture and ur wishes.

Runwithme, thank you.

Guna, i'm joining yogazone right now, so no extra for fitness centre, maybe later lah. :)

CP Waterman said...

Bonjour Capitani Rachel,
Joyeux Anniversaire!!!
Many blessed returns and may you also receive your arrows of life ASAP!

pacemaker17 said...

happy birthday rachel..hope your hp battery can tahan until 5pm..hehe..

VetRunner said...

Kapitani Rachelli

Happy Birthday and Many Happy Returns

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RACHEL and may all your wishes come true.

NEZZ said...

Happy Birthday Rachel!!
Stay cheerful always..

Birthday girl said...

Dear Waterman, pm17, Vetrunner. Leslie & nezz

Thanks again for the wishes :)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Rachel,
May u are able to find happiness in whatsoever joining or doing :)

Ah grace @-

Chang Tong Liang said...

Dear Rachel Lee,

Wishing you a wonderful n beautiful Happy Birthday, with each n everything you do, may god bless your dream come true!

Gypsum PM99 said...

Oitz! Rachel.. Happy Birthday lar!!

Birthday girl said...

Dear Ah Grace (don know whether is it Grace Tok?), Chang Tong Liang (my favourite) & Gymsum pm99,

Thank you very much.

aharis said...

Not too late.. right.
Dont share yr cake with pm1. Nanti dia gemok + slow.