Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Larian Bendang Kedah - Race report!

Friday - 4th May 2007
04.00am - Wake Up liao!
04.15am - Give Yaziz a wake up call
05.15am - Take Sky bus to LCCT together wit Rachel & Yaziz
06.25am - Breakfast at Mcdonalds (fully pack)
06.50am - Ready to chk in
07.30am - Depart to Alor Setar
08.30am - Arrive at Alor Setar, pick up by Yaziz brother
09.00am - Visit Yaziz family, house located juz 5mins from airport
09.30am - Survey Bendang route
10.30am - Visit Menara Alor Setar
11.30pm - Lunch
12.00pm - Visit Yaziz hometown (Kangar, Perlis)
12.30pm - Visit Gua Kelam (Perlis)
02.20pm - Arrive at Padang Besar
03.00pm - check in at Padang Besar (Thai border)
04.00pm - Back to alor setar
05.00pm - Chk in Seri Malaysia hotel
07.30pm - Dinner
09.30pm - Supper
10.00pm - Light off, Zzzzz!! (Cinya tired x1)

Saturday - 5th May 2007
06.00am - Wake Up liao!
06.30am - Meet Haris to collect bib n tee
07.00am - Race Start (insert pangsai 3 time)
09.30am - Breakfast at Hotel
11.30am - Visit Siam Temple & Pekan Rabu
12.30pm - Visit Kedah Muzium
01.15pm - Arrived at Alor Setar bus station
02.30pm - Bus depart to KL
09.15pm - Arrived at Pudu Raya
10.00pm - Finally reach home
12.30am - Light off, Zzzzz!! (cinya tired x2)

Sunday - 6th May 2007
05.30am - Wake Up liao!
06.20am - Depart from home, wit Rac & CM
06.40am - Arrived at Dataran
07.30am - Race Started (insert pangsai 3 time oso)
09.00am - Take bath at Bkt Aman, meet Alden too
10.00am - Arrived at der Curve to watch Spiderman 3
10.30am - Queue for 30mins, end up no ticket
10.45am - Breakfast at Kopitam der Curve
11.30am - Queue again for spiderman ticket, TNS again!
12.30am - Go Jaya Jusco to chk spiderman ticket, oso TNS!
01.30pm - Back home, Zzzzz!!
07.30pm - Dinner wit family
08.30pm - Typing report
10.00pm - Light off, poof! (cinya tired x3)

Lastly, cinya million Thank You to Datuk Yaziz for being der tour guide bring us here n there (insert tear drop from my eye here) Kam Siah Chay Chay!!

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