Sunday, May 20, 2007

Pacemakers Gang Pia @ NB15K 2007


Sub 60min Runners : PT Lim, Kan Nee Neh, Justin Lee, Pm1, Tan Song Hua n Phong Tong Lim

Ryan Mei Mei Teoh, Hwan Chee Huat (right 1) with tow Kuantan PACM members

Happy Running : Ccube joke with DK when flag off.

Gambatey : Adam lucky little slow, manage to have his foto lah

UK Runner : Alden enjoy NB15k

Dynamic Dou : SJ (left) with her eldest sister SL

Fearless : Locomotive Lai back in action, almost fully recover liao!

John Tan use NB15K as part of his 30k LSD, look his hand show 30

Pain-wit-me : Suresh walk kau-kau lat!

Pm's Modal : Kevin Chow, wah look at his hand carry...!!

Ccube worry Zulazlan potong sayur ?

Steady Runner : Zulazlan still not yet fully recover

Kan-Wit-Me : KNN long time no action liao!

Chat-wit-me : Kelvin Ng too sensitive to camera...!

Joy-wit-me : DK enjoy NB15K run.

Cheong more confidence after have full marathon experience, 15km relax run.

PT Lim relax run with his baby in hand

Ayam Goreng Back : Almost miss out Datuk Rohaizad, his running form is back!

brought 2u by Pmtey!

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mancester 0 chelsea 10 said...

knape si justin nih slalu bukak mulut bile ambik gambo,nanti lalat terbong masok ape...