Sunday, May 06, 2007

Pm pia in Bomba Run

Larian Bersama Bomba 2007 race in nice morning,rain and cold morning,good for pia results.

Raining morning bomba race,captim pia in two days race 21k n 10.8k,salute...!!!
Sister Pm 11 get 6th in women open won RM 150.Her timing 52mins.
Chen save energy,easy bomba medal masuk pocket !
Adam improve 1 minute compare to Power run,congrate !!
Khoo form back liao..not all out...captim n chen also can't potong his vege.
CM relax run nia,not all out leh...hmmm,easy bomba medal.
Cinchai snap also got Suresh in early pia action.
Locomotive Komuter Lai in coming 10k race.

For more photos,please view pm22 album 3,select Bomba 07 and Bomba(2) 07.Results will update by captain later...!!! tks..hv a nice day all !!

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