Monday, May 14, 2007

Sui Sui Crystal Clear Picture from Tey's

Thanks to Tey Eng Tiong kau2 lat...

before der start

der pia action from pm1

der family group picture


ah loong said...

i HATE the asthma run CLOWN,
they are asshole clown.
talk a lot like talking kok
i want to kick their ass wit kau kau lat until his ass look like crystal sui sui.
even though i talk kok, but i also talk pork too,u see. not like the clown.

the bob ice cinya kacau me.
always use his ciau ciau to ka ka ciow ciow me.

i hate him so much until i want to kick his ass too.

tks very de much ron , rachel and mr lim for accompany me and buying the spidey ticket , kam siah and domo arigato gozaimasu so much,BTW kam siah tey for the magnificent picture produced.......

kenya runner sapu evrything not giving any chance to malaysian amateur runner,cinya bad luck , they should go to thailand run wit competing the thai runner lah...and bomb each other loh.they are very celaka one.....lah

:< -- venom

Mary Jane Watson said...

Oi.. Venom!!I tot u were dead oredi in spiderman 3? come back from hell ah? kan nee neh!!!